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Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

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Mitsuoka Galue V8 Stance Tuning 30 Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

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Only a few car fans are probably the Japanese brand Mitsuoka a term. With their quirky, but absolutely lovable and beautiful creations, which are based on ordinary series vehicles, the cult forge from the land of smiles has already created a large fan base. Many models, which are kept in the traditional English style, are strongly reminiscent of Bentley and Rolls-Royce models from the late 1950s. Exactly this unmistakable design, which is quite unique in new vehicles these days, is loved by the fans, who are loyal to the small series manufacturer Mitsuoka and who have ensured that the former bodywork forge has officially become one for a few years Carmakers has risen, which is also recognized as such by the Japanese authorities.

The basis is the Infiniti M45.

Under the extremely retro-like cover of the Mitsuoka Galue V8 is hidden Infiniti m45, which in Japan is also called Nissan Fuga was available. From the tuning company Remould Studio not only lowered, but also with fully covered Retro rims Equipped in a chrome look, which even has a nostalgic Whitewall look the Mitsuoka Galue V8 testifies to a neoclassical style that is extremely popular in Asia. The baroque forms of the car are not affected by the slight modifications made by Remould Studio, so that the original character of the car is completely retained. The waterfall grill and the round headlights in particular embody the unmistakable style of the 1950s, which above all characterizes classic English automobiles from this era.

In this case, the Pulled wheel archesto get the lowering done without the tires chafing on the fenders. It is striking Double pipe exhaust, which is placed on the left and adorns the rear in BMW style. It forms a sporty contrast to the Chrome bumpersthat have a nostalgic look and are series. It appears that the model is Chinese spec as it is a left-hand drive vehicle and Mitsuoka cars intended for the Japanese market generally have the wheel on the right.

Interior a disappointment for nostalgics.

In the interior, on the other hand, there is no longer any trace of the 50s flair, as it was almost completely taken over from the Infiniti M45. Only the emblem on the steering wheel was replaced by a Mitsuoka logo replaced, but even on the analog clock that was installed in the interior, it still says “Infiniti”. In our opinion, Mitsuoka could have made a little effort to make the interior nostalgic in order to finally get rid of the stink from large-scale production.

VK45DE V8 engine provides plenty of propulsion.

A is used as the drive unit 4,5 liter V8 suction gasoline engine with 334 hp, which gives the baroque limousine decent driving performance. The power is transmitted via a Six-speed automatic to the Rear wheels. Unfortunately, we do not have any precise information about the mileage, but it should be sufficient for a brisk overland trip.

Mitsuoka Galue V8 Stance Tuning 20 Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

Our conclusion on the Mitsuoka Galue V8:

An absolute exotic that with the help of Stance tuning attracts even more looks than it already does. For every fan of extraordinarily designed automobiles, the limousine in the style of the post-war era is an absolute design highlight. If you also appreciate the styling, then you are welcome to click on the associated picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Mitsuoka Galue with VQ35DE & HKS compressor

254346 197325673658971 1191759 n 310x165 Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

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Mazda MX 5 Mitsuka Rock Star Chevrolet Corvette C2 12 310x165 Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

Mitsuoka Orochi with widebody kit from Liberty Walk!

Mitsuoka Orochi Widebody Kit Liberty Walk Header 310x165 Crazy Mitsuoka Galue V8 with Stance Tuning!

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