Wednesday April 14th 2021

MOJO Jeep Wrangler! Extreme orange ...!

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At the SEMA 2014 in Las Vegas Jeep presented an extra tough Wrangler, the "MOJO". Immediately it is noticeable that this Jeep is 5cm higher than its production model and therefore obstacles should only be laughable. Two Dana 44 axles were also installed at the front and rear, including a lock and a powerful 4: 1 Rock-Trac reduction.

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With a reduction ratio of 59: 1, even the roughest inclines are no longer an obstacle. A 3,6l V6 engine with 289PS and 353NM torque is installed so that there is enough power on the axles. The optimized fresh air intake increases the performance of the V6 sustainably. In addition, “Shorty” bumpers from the Jeep Performance Parts shelf and fender prototypes were installed at the front and rear. While we are on the subject of prototypes, we should also mention the hammer-hard 37 inch BFGoodrich "Mud Terrain" tires on beadlock rims. Note the height of the tires of almost “94” cm!

Jeep Wrangler MOJO 7 MOJO Jeep Wrangler! Extreme Oranje ...!

Feature of the rims is the twisting of tires and rim is not possible. Other built-in features on the Orange Jeep are:

"Rubicon X" bonnet
Underrun protection
Rockfall protection

as well as partly not purchasable parts like:

Led Lamps
Fog Lights

Verivox tuning blog credit 12 MOJO Jeep Wrangler! Extreme orange ...!

go MOJO Jeep Wrangler! Extreme Orange ...!

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