McLaren's MSO LAB reveals details of the Genesis collection

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British luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive today announced details of its first Genesis Collection for the recently launched MSO LAB digital community. The ultra-limited, invitation-only coin celebrates one of McLaren's most coveted cars – the P1™, the world's first hybrid hypercar, and its track-only variant, the P1™ GTR. A decade after its launch, the P1™ remains a true icon of performance and breakthrough technology. Only 2.012 randomly generated P1™ & P1™ GTR NFTs will be minted to commemorate 2012, the year the P1™ was unveiled to the world public at the Paris Motor Show, and each will receive a completely unique MSO LAB treatment.

MSO LAB by McLaren

Aside from the P1TM skins, which will be awarded to 14 MSO LAB Honorary Members, which include luminaries from the worlds of art, fashion and cryptocurrency, only 1.998 NFTs will be available on McLaren's marketplace, which is run by supported by its Metaverse partner InfinteWorld. Coinage is random, price per NFT is 0,5ETH.

The Genesis Collection consists of five tiers with eight unique traits, which are:

  • LAB Studio: P1™, Treatment: Level 1 color and pinstripes. Limited to only 1.000 pieces
  • LAB Studio+: P1™, Treatment: Stage two varnish, more detailed pinstripes and fades. Limited to only 893 pieces
  • LAB Works: P1™ GTR, Treatment: MSO LAB paint in color combinations. Limited to only 100 pieces
  • LAB Honorary of P1™ or P1™ GTR not for sale and giftable to select McLaren community members
  • LAB Icons, P1™ & P1™ GTR, custom made. Limited to just five, each with a unique McLaren design.
  • 1. A P1™ GTR in McLaren's iconic papaya livery with Bruce McLaren's racing number 'four'
  • 2. The iconic P1™ with the famous "OOV" badge
  • 3. the sister model of the P1™ that bears the license plate "OOU".
  • 4. A P1™ in all-black sight carbon fiber
  • 5. A post-race P1™ GTR that bears all the signs of having just come off the track

Genesis Collection NFT owners will receive membership in an MSO LAB digital community that will push the boundaries of access and experience. The collection will be released at 11:14 CEST on May 00th and will offer McLaren owners and other specially invited individuals the opportunity for priority access. 48 hours later, on May 13th at 14:00 CEST, the remaining NFTs in the collection will open to a select group of invited NFT communities. Each buyer will receive their NFT as a 1:1 rendering of a three-quarter view of the front of their P1™ or P1™ GTR, accompanied by a 1:1 animation showing the unique treatment and treatment dates (non-transferrable upon resale).

In addition, each customer will receive a 9:16 rendering of the rear view of their P1™ or P1™ GTR (not transferrable upon resale) and of course membership of the new MSO LAB by McLaren digital community. The value will continue to evolve as McLaren continues to work with the MSO LAB community and jointly explore the possibilities of the Web3 era to leverage new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of access, ownership and experience.

"It is very fitting that our P1TM, the world's first hybrid hypercar we launched, is the inspiration for McLaren's first Genesis Collection from MSO LAB, which we unveiled today." “This ultra-limited invite-only, randomized coin collection includes five MSO LAB levels and when it goes on sale soon on the McLaren Marketplace, will be limited to just 2.012 NFTs to mark the year of the launch of the appreciate P1TM. Each buyer also becomes a member of the MSO LAB digital community, which will continue to push the boundaries of access and experience.” Gareth Dunsmore, Chief Marketing Officer, McLaren Automotive. Photo credit: McLaren

Small 13973 MSOLABfromMcLarenrevealsGenesisCollectiondetails

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