Wednesday 27th October 2021

MTM T6 E-motion 282PS VW T6 Eco-Bus for Geneva

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The "green" thinking has now also arrived in the MTM Motoren Technik Mayer team and, the best example of this, is the 6PS VW T282 bus called MTM T6 E-motion, which with a completely insane torque of up to 1.100NM is the most powerful Factory diesels (VW EA288 with 204PS & 450NM) outclassed by worlds. In the MTM T6 E-motion it goes to 8,2km / h in just 100 seconds and only stops at well over 200km / h, and all of this in a 2 ton bus! The guys around the MTM team have released the MTM T6 E-motion today and will display the vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show and whoever wants can order it there for around € 52.000. After the tuning cure that the T6 was allowed to endure, thanks to the performance increase of the 2.0 BiTDi and two built-in 15 kW wheel hub motors on the rear axle, it is significantly more potent than the production version and should make many drivers of a series T6 look wide. If you are thinking of buying a T6 in the future or already own one, MTM with its T6 E-Motion Tuning program is definitely an interesting starting point when it comes to differentiating the vehicle from the production model. As for the changes made to the optics or the technology, we have already learned the first details. As usual, we have listed what we know below in a summary. If you discover any further changes that we haven't listed, just use the comment box and let us know!

Ps. If you have more tuned vehicles such as the MTM S8 Talladega R Audi A8 or even the MTM VW Amarok V8 Passion DESERT from MTM Motoren Technik Mayer just clicks on the photo reference below on the tuner name!

(Photos: MTM engine technology Mayer)

These are the details of the VW T6:

  • Name: MTM T6 E-motion
  • 2,0 Bi-TDi four-cylinder with 240 PS (performance increase using MTM M-Cantronic to 240 PS / 177 kW)
  • E-drive and +42 PS (2 x 15 kW wheel hub motors for the rear axle) and between 1.400 rpm and 2.400 rpm and 1.100 Nm torque
  • Total performance 282PS
  • 7 gear S-Tronic
  • 8,2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h
  •  V-max over 200 km / h
  • 9 x 20 inch Bimoto rims
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (275 / 35 ZR 20)
  • MTM Brembo Performance brake system (VA: 405 x 36 mm brake discs - granulated, 6-piston Brembo brake calipers)
  • MTM T6 E-motion 282PS VW T6 Eco-Bus Tuning (

Certainly, new information and certainly new pictures and videos will soon be online. As soon as this is the case, we will of course put it online and inform you about it.

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  1. As shown in the picture, these are not wheel hub motors, but an axle module consisting of two central motors, which are stocky with separate toothed belt drives.
    Specifying the crankshaft torque makes little sense for the combustion engine, but simply adding the moments when combining with electric motors is completely meaningless and testifies to technical ignorance or showmanship. Every small car today manages over 2000Nm on the axle! Anyone who has understood the concept of a gearbox knows that.
    Roughly estimated, the two electric motors each deliver 200Nm peak torque, multiplied by a factor of 3 by the gearbox. Makes 1200Nm axle torque together, so that at most one Polo can still be moved moderately.
    Nevertheless: good idea!

    • Hello Ralf,

      thank you for your explanation. Of course, we only accepted the data as it was specified. However, your explanation makes sense, if you disregard the fact that with real 1.200NM torque there should also be more than 240PS, we would also have imagined a much faster acceleration.

      Thank you for your explanation that will surely help one or the other.

      VG Tom from tuningblog

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