Video: Nissan Frontier widebody with 700 PS LS-Chevy-V8!

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Nissan Frontier Widebody LS Chevy V8 6 Video: Nissan Frontier Widebody with 700 PS LS Chevy V8!

Owning a pickup with around 700 hp is nothing special in the USA. A 700 hp JDM pickup to own, on the other hand, yes. and LOJ conversions has exactly such a vehicle at the start, because it is a fat one LS-V8 with bi-turbocharging owns under the hood. Of course, the off-roader also has that all wheel drive. Specifically, it is one Nissan Frontier, which was also exhibited at the SEMA Show 2021. But the pickup has a lot more to offer than just that LS swap. He's made a lot of other changes that Kyle Loftis from “1320video” on YouTube questioned in a personal conversation. The crazy frontier drives in the Ultimate Street Car Challenge and it's a 2005 model whose V8 is attached to a manual gearbox is coupled. He has one All-wheel independent suspension built in and does an impressive job 700 PS. Stephen is the owner of the pickup and the by the way LOJ conversions.

Nissan Frontier widebody with 700 PS LS-V8!

LOJ conversions has focused on the development of LS swap kits Specialized for various Nissan and Infiniti models and the Frontier is practically the showpiece of the tuner. The engine is a 6,0 liter Gen 4 aluminum V8 with forged internals and Borg Warner S252 turbos. This joins in Texas Speed-Air-Intake with intercooler and Heat-exchanger on the loading area. The vehicle has a Nissan Armada front suspension and a special rear one subframe. Fats are also installed fender flares all around and also a XXL front splitter as well as a fixed rear wing are there. It is switched using Tremec TR-6060 gearbox from a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. The rest of the changes are best seen by yourself.


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