Video: 6,51 seconds: fastest Nissan GT-R on the 1/4 mile

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Nissan GT R on the quarter mile 2

The Nissan GT-R is clearly already a real cult car. Especially in the tuning segment, where he works with various mods such as new Wheel / tire combinations, other landing gear to be wrong Wide body kits and tuned Interiors hardly ever remains in series condition. But most of the attention is sure to get the double-charged one 3,8-liter engine V6, which, depending on the specification and year of manufacture, delivers between 480 and 600 hp, and sometimes generates completely crazy key data with tuning. From the factory, the GT-R as a 2020 model makes it to country road speed in just over 3 seconds and the Nismo even makes it at crazy speeds 2,5 seconds.

6,51 seconds for the quarter mile

Nissan GT R on the quarter mile 1

But the currently apparently "fastest GT-R in the world“Just laughs at it. He was recently filmed driving the quarter mile in a new one with a fat body, massive rear wing, parachute and racing tire Record time completed. We don't know how much power is actually under the hood, but we can say that it is far in terms of power and torque four-digit range located.


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