Video: Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) on the dyno with 800 hp!

Nissan Skyline GT R R34 Dyno power measurement 3

A large part of the Nissan community sees the skyline GT-R R34 as one of the best GT-Rs of all time. The R1999 presented in 34 was the last of the legendary Skyline GT-R series, which had been built since 1969. Since then it has mutated into an icon of the Japanese sports car regime. The attraction of owning a vehicle that feels just as comfortable on the road as it does on the racetrack makes many people look out for an R34. The factory convinces R34 with excellent workmanship for a Japanese, great seats and a modern infotainment system. That's what the R34 is for GT-R known for its handling and driving stability, and of course for the then advanced four-wheel drive.

on the dyno with 800 hp

But the real highlight is the fact that the GT-R can be extensively modified. As standard, the 2,6-litre twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder engine produced a strong 280 hp and 391 Newton meters of torque, allowing it to sprint to country road speed in just 4,9 seconds. But this modified GT-R from the video just laughs about it. Because he is far more powerful and generates measured +800 hp. This is made possible by an improved turbocharger, a bigger one Intercooler, a Sports exhaust system, a new air intake as well as a Chiptuning.


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