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After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

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Tesla Model X Tuning Interior Vilner 15 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

Exactly one year ago, the Bulgarian tuner Vilner presents his first modified Tesla vehicle - we reported. At that time it was a 2013 Tesla Model S P85 + whose interior was subtly adapted to the metallic red outer skin. And the last project for the current year is a Tesla Model X SUV, also painted in metallic red. But here, in contrast to the Model S, the focus was on a completely different style. The dark red is nowhere to be found in the interior, instead turquoise accents have been set. This color was chosen there Turquoise is the color of electricity and of course to the fully electrically operated Model X like the proverbial "Fist on the eye“Fits. Vilner was very careful with the eye-catching color and only used it as an accent to the otherwise dark interior, which was provided with carbon parts.

turquoise accents make the difference

Tesla Model X Tuning Interior Vilner 6 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

While all installed carbon parts were already installed ex works, everything that shimmers turquoise from the Bulgarian tuner. Specifically, this means that the seat belts, the edge of the new floor mats or even the upper part of the seat backs have been changed by hand. A special highlight, however, are the many applications in the form of printed circuit boards. Of course, a printed circuit board also harmonizes very well with the Model X because without a printed circuit board in modern vehicles proverbially do not turn on a light would, in a Tesla the more! The printed circuit board design can be found in the seats and also in the back seats. In contrast to many other vehicles, Vilner has subtly put his hand on the outside of the vehicle. An elegant carbon front spoiler lip and chic carbon mirror caps were installed.

Rear spoiler with Tesla logo in turquoise & carbon

Tesla Model X Tuning Interior Vilner 17 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

In addition, the rear side windows were also glued to a printed circuit board design and painted the brake calipers of the brake system in the same turquoise, as in the interior. As a loving gimmick, the owner gets a handcrafted sports bag that also wears the colors of the vehicle and can also be attached with carbon buckles in the car. Vilner also informs that cleverly used, additional, insulation on important parts of the interior the model X has become even quieter than the production vehicle. True to the motto "the best for last“With the P90D, Vilner created an exclusive one-off piece at the end of 2016. We can already be excited about what will await us in the next year. If we get more information about further modifications to the Model X, there is of course, as always, an update for this post. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Tesla Model X Tuning Interior Vilner 13 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

(Photos: Vilner)

These are the changes to the Tesla Model X:

  • has become even quieter thanks to additional insulation in important parts of the vehicle
  • turquoise accents & circuit board design (seat belts, edge of floor mats, seats, back of seats, etc.)
  • Carbon fiber front lip, mirror caps, calipers and rear spoiler with T logo in turquoise
  • Dark Plutonium Silver painted alloy wheels
  • Matching sports bag with Tesla Motors logo in turquoise

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Mercedes S-Class S63 AMG with interior from Vilner

Vilner Mercedes S63 AMG W222 Tuning Interior 1 310x165 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

Vilner's 20th Anniversary Range Rover Sport with Barugzai Tuning

Vilnius 20th Anniversary Range Rover Barugzai Tuning 16 310x165 After the S is before the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with new interior by Vilner

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Vilnius Tuning 1 1 310x165 After the S is in front of the X! Noble Tesla Model X by Vilner

used to be luxurious

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