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Nissan Silvia S14A with Airride chassis and 320 PS

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It is probably one of the most underrated cars in Europe JDM scene - the Nissan Silvia S14, which in this country are also called Nissan 200SX is known. The model could also be jokingly referred to as a member of the Nissan “family”, because in addition to Silvia, the names Cedric and Gloria were also used as model names for two sedans of the upper middle class. But the Silvia Coupé is clearly the most popular of the three models in the tuning scene, which is also due to the fact that it is a two-door vehicle. The sedans Cedric and Gloria also have rear-wheel drive, but these would be more for a so-called VIP Tuning suitable because they look representative and luxurious. Now we come back to the Silvia, of which we are introducing you today a very specially tuned example, which is native to England and which has been refined by its owner Jake Hughes.

Lowered coupé with show effects.

He went to the best of his ability with the changes to his Silvia S14 and didn't want to mess up, but to plop. That will be the case DMax Type 3 aero body kit clearly which of a Origin bonnet and a Origin front spoiler is staged even more clearly. Immediately fall at the front emblematic grill as well as the two small ones air intakes on the bonnet, which together with the sharp profile folds give the bonnet a very sporty character. There is also one mean look, which gives the sporty lady an aggressive face. Furthermore were 10,5 x 18-inch alloy wheels from Work on the front axle, and 12,5 x 18-inch work aluminum pulled up on the rear axle, which on the model name 05 equipment hear, and have been changed once again by the owner according to his wishes.

At the front, the Silvia rolls on relatively narrow ones 225/35 R18 tireswhile you have wide slippers on the rear axle in the format 275 / 35 R18 raised. The fine lady can also bend her knees with the help of one that can be controlled from the interior Airlift performance chassis, which ensures a lot of depth, and which presses Silvia very close to the asphalt in the zero bar position. In addition, a Domstrebe built in the engine compartment, and Silvia got one Bremsanlage her big brother named Skyline GT-R R33. With these modifications you can certainly score with the wallflower, which was once so misunderstood in Europe, on every tuning show.

The interior was trimmed for racing.

The first to stop BRIDE Low Max bucket seats move into the interior, until finally that complete interior was coordinated with these sports seats so as not to dance out of line in terms of color. In addition, there was a matching one Sports steering wheel from Grip Royal built in, as well Gear lever from Nismo and AEM auxiliary instruments for turbo boost and oil temperature.

SR20DET turbo gasoline engine provides power

The two-liter turbo gasoline engine that found its way into the Silvia was replaced with a new one Intercooler, one Tomei compressor and a new one exhaust system Whipped up. In addition, the engine was recently overhauled and is now performing proudly from 320 HP. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the torque, but it should also be sufficient to cover a couple of decent highway stretches with the fast lady, and to surprise many other road users.

Bagged S14A Nissan Silvia Tuning 10 Nissan Silvia S14A with Airride chassis and 320 PS

Our conclusion on this Nissan Silvia S14A:

The tuner has created a vehicle that has been modified in a highly professional manner, and we pay him the greatest respect for his work. For more pictures of this automobile you can click through the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Nissan Silvia S14A with Airride chassis and 320 PS

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