Monday 18th October 2021

Novitec Ferrari F12 N-LARGO at Alain Class for sale

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Should one of our readers just think about the purchase of a super athlete, then this dream, for example in the form of a Novitec Ferrari F12 N-LARGO to come true. This Novitec version was only built 15 times, and this is number 6. The car is currently through Al Ain Class Motors offered at an unknown price and is looking for a new owner.

F12 N LARGO Alain tuning novitec 1 Ferrari F12 N LARGO at Alain Class for sale

(Photos: Al Ain Class Motors)

We have some data for Novitec Ferrari F12 N-LARGO found for you:

  • Novitec Ferrari F12 N-LARGO
  • Number 6 of 15
  • possibly the only one in all black
  • revised front bumper
  • big barbecue
  • big splinter
  • new ventilated bonnet
  • massively flared wheel arches
  • Roof with air-intake system
  • new side skirts
  • solid rear spoiler
  • big diffuser
  • dark taillights
  • ADV.1 alloy wheels
  • Lowering
  • ECU kit to increase performance to 780 hp
  • 722 Nm torque
  • 6.3L V12 engine
  • Year 2013
  • Mileage 12.000

This 780PS copy has an absolutely crazy sound thanks to a Straight Piped iPE Exhaust Systems, More details about this Novitec Ferrari F12 N-Largo S:

  • Performance: 781PS (574kW)
  • 0-60mph in 3.0 seconds
  • Top speed electronically limited to 350 km / h
  • Full Carbon Novitec N-Largo S widebody kit
  • 21 & 22 inch five-double-spoke NF6 NL rims (especially for the Novitec Rosso N-Largo S)
  • Chiptuning Performance Upgrade

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