NOVITEC tuning for the Ferrari Portofino M to 704 hp!

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NOVITEC Tuning Ferrari Portofino M 2

The letter "M" stands for "Modificata" and identifies the facelift version of the Ferrari Portofino. Of course, there is now also a wide-ranging NOVITEC refinement program for the current generation of the front-engine sports car. The sporty, elegant look of the open 2+2 seater can be made even more exciting with tailor-made NOVITEC visible carbon components and high-tech forged wheels with a diameter of 21 and 22 inches. In addition, with NOVITEC engine tuning, there is an output of up to 518 kW / 704 hp and a maximum torque of 882 Nm. The tuned Portofino M sprints to 3,15 km/h in just 100 seconds and reaches a top speed of 325 km/h. On request, NOVITEC can also fulfill the most unusual wishes of its customers when it comes to cockpit design.

NOVITEC Ferrari Portofino M

NOVITEC Tuning Ferrari Portofino M 10

Making sports cars even more visually exciting while at the same time further optimizing the aerodynamics has been the specialty of the NOVITEC designers for decades. In order to make the Portofino M appear even more distinctive, tailor-made aerodynamic components were developed, which are produced in visible carbon with a high-gloss finish. The NOVITEC front spoiler, in combination with the covers for the two side air intakes in the front bumper, not only gives the front-engine sports car an even more striking face: the front lip also reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds, which further optimizes driving stability.

Carbon details for perfect aerodynamics

NOVITEC Tuning Ferrari Portofino M 5

Carbon covers for the two air outlets in the bonnet are also part of the NOVITEC design package, as are the covers made from the same compound for the exterior mirrors and the side air outlets in the front fenders. The NOVITEC side skirts not only make the sports car with a retractable roof look lower, they also optimize the flow of the airstream. The NOVITEC rear spoiler lip not only completes the racing look, but also effectively rounds off the aerodynamic concept. The forged wheels custom-made for the Portofino M, which were developed in cooperation with Vossen, also contribute to the exciting NOVITEC look. The American company specializes in the manufacture of high-end alloy wheels using state-of-the-art forging and CNC machining technology.

Two different designs are offered for the Portofino M, which are available in a variety of colors and with different surfaces. In order to emphasize the wedge shape of the sports car even more, a combination with 21 and 22 inch diameters on the front and rear axles was chosen. In the attached photos, the Ferrari is equipped with NOVITEC NF10 wheels in sizes 9Jx21 at the front and 12Jx22 on the rear axle. Its design with five filigree double spokes and hub cover in the look of a central lock completes the sporty appearance perfectly. The dimensions 255/30 ZR 21 for the front axle and 315/25 ZR 22 for the rear were chosen as the optimum tires.

NOVITEC suspension springs for lowering

The NOVITEC sport springs are optimally matched to these wheels, lowering the two-door by approx. 35 millimeters, which not only benefits the optics, but also an even more direct handling. For Portofino M owners whose vehicle was ordered with Magneto chassis ex works, these springs are also available in combination with a hydraulic front lift system. This allows the front section to be raised by 40 millimeters at the push of a button from the cockpit, making it easier to negotiate underground car parks or speed bumps. You can return to normal level either by tapping the switch or automatically when you reach a speed of 80 km/h.

NOVITEC Tuning Ferrari Portofino M 6

Of course, NOVITEC not only offers an even sportier look and further refined handling for the front-engine Ferrari. The 3,9 liter V8 biturbo engine produces even more driving pleasure with three different performance kits. All variants use a NOVITEC N-TRONIC module that feeds newly programmed maps for controlling injection, boost pressure and ignition into the Ferrari's electronic engine management system. All of the performance upgrades from the German tuner were designed in such a way that they awaken the reserves of the eight-cylinder without affecting its stability. In addition, the engine reacts even more spontaneously to commands from the gas pedal and also improves its torque.

More power and refined interior!

At the highest level, in which additional 100-cell sports metal catalytic converters are fitted, which are completely encased in thermal insulation, an additional 62 kW / 84 hp is achieved. With 518 kW / 704 hp at 7 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm at just 882 revs, the Portofino M tuned by NOVITEC catapults itself from a standstill to 3 km/h in just 750 seconds. After just 3,15 seconds the 100+9,4 seater is already 2 km/h fast. The top speed increases to 2 km/h. When it comes to the interior design, too, NOVITEC fulfills even the most unusual wishes of every Ferrari owner. A huge selection of the finest leather and Alcantara is available in a practically endless variety of colors.

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Performance, design and handling
The exclusive NOVITEC program for the Ferrari Portofino M
Photo credit: Novitec Group

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