First Novitec tuning presented on the brand new McLaren 750S!

The German tuner Novitec recently posted pictures of a tuned one on its social media channels McLaren 750S revealed. The British super sports car has subtle innovations, which you only notice when you compare them directly with the series. Novitec is known for not overloading its projects. The 750S therefore remains visually discreet and impresses rather than being flashy bodykit including wide fenders, sills, new apron, diffuser or large rear wing, it's better to do it with other things. For example with the Rims. The standard aluminum was through Novitec MC4 rims replaced that one V-spoke design and have a silver finish.

Novitec Tuning McLaren 750S

The rims are a little larger than the original ones, but they fit thanks Lowering perfectly under the wheel arches. And also the Exhaust System seems new. It comes from Novitec's portfolio, but the tuner has not revealed any further details about it. More information will certainly follow in the next few days or weeks. And finally ... The McLaren 750S from Novitec impresses us. Whether you install the tuning components from Novitec or leave the super sports car in its original state remains a question of personal taste. Would you tune the McLaren 750S or leave it in its original condition? For us the decision would be clear.

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First Novitec tuning presented on the brand new McLaren 750S!
Photo credit/source: Novitec Group
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