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Novitec Rosso-Ferrari F430 bi-compressor from tuner ZR car

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Attention! There is a "Update " which contains new information (pictures, data, video). The new info you will find, specially marked, at the end of the article! After the tuner ZR Auto the Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Missed a new outfit in the form of a foiling, it was now the turn of an at least as rare Novitec Rosso-Ferrari F430, which bears the addition CF-430 Spec 707. The foiling includes a large ZR Auto Tactical Fighter Squadron emblem on the bonnet and a few other logos in the form of self-advertising on the doors of the F430.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 zr car 1 Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Bi compressor from tuner ZR car

(Photos: ZR car)

The goal of making the Novitec Rosso-Ferrari F430 bi-compressor appear in a fighter jet look was achieved in any case. The F430 shown here has a set of NF2 rims, a Scuderia radiator grille, a sports exhaust system, dark Novitec taillights and a Novitec body kit including lowering.

Update from "14.07.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX"

There is new information about the above-mentioned vehicle that we can of course not withhold from you. The Novitec Twin Supercharged Ferrari F430 is being sold. So if one of you has the inconspicuous sum of $ 127.000 left over, this amount can be invested in the car. The car is currently being offered by matthayhurst on Ebay and is looking for a new owner. The ZR Auto applications are of course down.

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Bi compressor from tuner ZR Auto

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