Thursday 23rd September 2021


A really cool brand from days gone by. The Olds Motor Vehicle Co. has built cars under the brand name Oldsmobile since the year 1897 in Lansing (Michigan). The brand name Oldsmobile was after Peugeot even one of the longest used for vehicles brand names ever. General Motors (GM) 1908 took over the company that was actually founded as RV Olds Motor Car Company by Ransom Eli Olds. Until the year 2004 the brand Oldsmobile was kept alive with the Alero, Bravada and Silhouette. But then it was over. After 107-year history (GM alone built 35 millions of Oldsmobile) was one of the most successful car brands of the 60s & 70s on April 29, 2004 just a story. As the last vehicle, GM built an Alero in the Lansing plant, which has since been admired in the RE Olds Transportation Museum. However, at a cost of just under $ 1 billion, the move to discontinue the brand was not easy for GM. After all, the inventory of vehicles and the corresponding spare parts had to be bought back from almost 2800 Oldsmobile dealers.