Summer, sun, classic rally: Opel inspires at the ADAC Oldtimerfahrt Hessen-Thüringen

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The organizers, participants and spectators had the best summer weather for the 26th ADAC Vintage Car Ride Hessen-Thuringia desired - with temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius at the weekend, however, some people worked up a sweat. In the regularity tests, however, it was always important to keep a cool head in order to collect as few error points as possible. Opel lined up for the outing with six classic cars – above all the 1975 Opel Diplomat with starting number 1 and the 1967 Rekord Cabrio. In this, radio presenter Kai Völker could at least let the wind blow in his face as he drove through the Rheingau, Taunus and Wetterau. The organizing team for the rally, on the other hand, was on the road with extremely pleasant interior temperatures. The completely new one made sure of that Astra plug-in hybrid, which electrified combined the advantages of comfortable, state-of-the-art driving fun with a sense of responsibility and – just like the timelessly beautiful classics – aroused the enthusiasm of the fans who had traveled there.

Top priority in the scorching sun: Relaxed cruising

This is how this year's vintage car trip around Oberursel presented itself in bright sunshine. The participants with the flash also shone. The oldest model in the Opel Classic field of this year's Hesse-Thuringia Rally was also the airiest: the 1967 Rekord C Cabriolet, specially converted for open-air fans by the traditional Cologne coachbuilder Karl Deutsch – a real rarity. For the anniversary of "160 years of Opel" the manufacturer from Rüsselsheim presented further treasures from its traditional collection at the ADAC Rallye Hessen-Thüringen. Legendary models such as the Opel GT, the Kadett GT/E and the Manta GSi exuded sporty flair.

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Then as now, the three showed how bold forms can be skilfully combined with modern technologies, so that these dream automobiles became affordable for the broad group of buyers. At the time, even "state leaders" like Gerald Ford and Helmut Schmidt were convinced that despite all the sportiness, comfort was also a top priority at Opel. The American President at the time had an extra-long Opel Diplomat in his fleet during his state visit to Germany in 1975, and the charismatic former Chancellor Schmidt acquired a metallic black Kadett GSi in 1991 in order to set off on private jaunts with his wife Loki. Both vehicles have lost none of their attractiveness to this day - as they proved once again on this rally weekend across Hesse.

The strong squad of models from Opel Classic at a glance:

Opel Rekord Convertible55 kW / PS 75Year 1967
Opel GT66 kW / PS 90Year 1968
Opel Diplomat V8169 kW / PS 230Year 1975
Opel Kadett GT / E85 kW / PS 115Year 1977
Opel Manta GSi Exclusive81 kW / PS 110Year 1988
Opel Kadett GSi85 kW / PS 115Year 1991
Vauxhall Astra Hybrid133 kW/180 hp system output

(organization vehicle)

In addition to the vehicles from Opel Classic, ten other private teams took part in the 26th edition of the ADAC Oldtimerfahrt Hessen-Thüringen with their own Opel classics. The wide starting field underlines that the models with the lightning bolt continue to arouse the emotions of the public and that Opel, as a traditional brand, is deeply rooted in the rally and classic car scene.

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Summer, sun, classic rally: Opel inspires at the ADAC Oldtimerfahrt Hessen-Thüringen
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