VW shows electric off-road study ID. XTREME!

VW Offroad Study ID. XTREME 2023 1

Electrifying surprise at the ID. Meeting in Locarno: In Ticino, Volkswagen is presenting the ID. XTREME is presenting an extraordinary off-road study that will arouse enthusiasm among the numerous e-mobility enthusiasts. The all-electric concept vehicle with all-wheel drive is based on the ID.4 GTX and combines the strengths of a modern SUV with the adventurous spirit of a robust off-roader.

Off-road study VW ID. XTREME

VW Offroad Study ID. XTREME 2023 4

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Volkswagen presents all-electric off-road study ID. XTREME at Locarno
Photo credit: Volkswagen (VW)
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