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With these tools you are well prepared in the event of a breakdown!

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On-board tools Toolkit Tool bag Oldtimer 2 With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

Especially as Classic car owner you should always have good and sensible equipment in your vehicle Tools and little ones spare parts feature. Nothing has to happen, but you should for the Emergency be prepared. Since things can sometimes go wrong even with very reliable vehicles, there is one Basic Equipment of the vehicle Tools, spare parts and others Tools, which are then always on board, certainly not a mistake. Because many vehicles were already able to use small aids such as Tying wire, pliers, or tape be made fit again.

Which tool equipment?

As the owner of a classic, you should always have a certain range of tools on board the vehicle. These include screwdriver, Open-end and ring spanners and an ratchet set. Which special sizes you need, you can use the Reparaturanleitung From your vehicle. Should also be on the classic Allen, Torx or other types of screws should also be fitted with suitable ones Key and Ratchet inserts to be available. Spare parts such as Light bulbs, fuses, spark plugs, windshield wiper rubbers and an Replacement V-belt for the alternator. Experienced screwdrivers always have a sentence Ignition contacts, Piece of ignition cable, one Feeler gauge for setting the interrupter distance and a Distributor head including distributor fingers included.

On-board tools Toolkit Tool bag Oldtimer 3 With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

In the case of electronic defects in the classic, a simple one can usually be used Screwdriver with integrated 12 volt test lamp enough to locate the damage and solve the problem. If you are not sure, you can also use the repair instructions to proceed. And the professional always has one Multimeter on board around the ignition coil to be able to measure or the Alternator power to check

Important spare parts as an integral part of the on-board tool kit

Should it break down due to a dead fuel supply the problem can be provisionally caused by a bridging of the failed fuel pump relay. The car battery, however not loaded, the cause can be a defective controller. Such a regulator does not cost a lot and it is therefore advisable to always have one on longer journeys Replacement copy to have on board. Anyone who knows your vehicle will know about the weak points of your car and will pack accordingly Spare parts in the tool kit. These include, for example, a cooling thermostat, seals, throttle cable or throttle linkage and shift rod bushings and associated rubbers.

On-board tools Toolkit Tool bag Oldtimer 4 With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

A flashlight and sleeping mat are a must!

Every basic equipment has one Work Light with 12 V connection or a flashlight and a Sleeping mat or blanketwhich protect against cold and dirt during repairs. Also count working gloves to the fixed components of the on-board equipment. Because these not only protect against dirt, but also reduce the risk of injury.

negligible for new vehicles

For example, BMW brand vehicles used to have the right one Tool kit in the tailgate housed. But those times are long gone. For vehicles of a current model generation, the subject of on-board tools is negligible. Due to xenon or LED technology, a bulb can hardly be changed, the V-belt can normally neither be reached nor changed yourself and a classic ignition coil is no longer installed. Likewise can can not be times just any relay can be bridged. Except for one Spare wheel / Cookware set, a jack and the Mandatory utensils as Warning triangle, safety vest and first aid kit is actually no other tool kit necessary.

On-board tools toolkit tool bag With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

Our conclusion: With such a basic set of spare parts, tools and aids, you are with your classic always well equipped for all possible eventualities. Since classics do not have an on-board computer, the computer cannot crash, which could only be repaired by a specialist. Many other problems can be solved, however easy and uncomplicated repair it on your own.

On-board tools Toolkit Tool bag Oldtimer 5 With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

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Porsche 550 Spyder Oldtimer 113 With these tools you are well equipped in the event of a breakdown!

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