Orange 406 HP Opel Kadett C Caravan as a track tool!

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Opel Kadett C Caravan Tracktool Conversion Tuning Restomod 5

Old Opels have been gaining cult status more and more often lately! The times when the brand was associated with the Blitz, with the "Böhse Opelz" or similar terms are history, and slowly classic fans are also beginning to take a greater interest in the historic Rüsselsheim brand. The Biedermann image has long been shed, and that is mainly due to the dynamic, modern models of the present, which have conquered new customer groups with their design. The spark also jumps over to Opel's oldies, of course, and slowly but surely it's cool to call an Opel classic from the 1970s or 1980s your own, and out of it Restomod project to conjure. Just like the Dutch do Erwin Schuit who turned his Opel Kadett C Caravan into a thoroughbred track tool rebuilt, the sports car teaches fear! We present this vehicle to you today.

Orange classic with cult status!

Not just one KW-V3 coilover kit as well as a Custom chassis, even that components of a Bobcat mini excavator, and one Multilink rear axle were installed in the Kadett, but also one Bremsanlage by Brembo, which was taken from a Volvo S60 R. This includes, among other things, four-piston fixed calipers and brake discs with a diameter of 330 millimeters at the front. The brakes of the S60 R were also installed on the rear axle. Also found one hydraulic handbrake Moving into the old cadet.

Body was completely changed to save as much weight as possible, which is why Doors and Hatchback are made of extra-light materials. In addition, a weight-saving bonnet by Risse Motorsport, which improves engine ventilation with additional ventilation slots. fender flares from HP Fiber and a XPC styling front spoiler were also installed on the classic from Opel.

Opel Kadett C Caravan Tracktool Conversion Tuning Restomod 1

ultralight Lexan discs all around, a self-made one rear spoiler made of aluminum and a modified one front section, the Intercooler and Brake cooling included, was also given to the Opel. The vehicle is thus optimally equipped for the next track day and does not have to hide from any Lotus or Caterham!

Racing also moved into the interior!

Sabelt racing bucket seatsthat in combination with LTEC six-point harnesses ensure that the passengers are optimally strapped down, as well as a Roll cage, which was created by hand, convey a racing atmosphere. A LTEC sports steering wheel, and a digital one Display in front of the driver also ensure a very special flair.

A Volvo 850 engine provides power!

The engine is from will not from Opel, and also not from the GM group. Namely, it is a Volvo engine, which originally served in the 850 sedan. With a Holset HX35 turbocharger equipped, and provided with further modifications, the engine performs well 406 HP and over 550 Nm maximum torque at 1,3 bar boost pressure! So you should hardly know an opponent on the drag strip or the racetrack, especially because the vehicle under 900 kg curb weight! The power to weight ratio can you with our calculator like to calculate it yourself.

Our verdict on the Opel Kadett C Caravan:

An impressive project created in the Netherlands! Even the matching color of the Dutch royal family was chosen for the vehicle! There is of course a picture gallery of the Kadett C at the end of the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Opel Kadett C Caravan Tracktool Conversion Tuning Restomod 12

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Orange Opel Kadett C Caravan as a Tracktool conversion with 406 HP!
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