Wednesday 20th January 2021

Opel Insignia with Esprit - H&R components for the Rüsselsheimer

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Opel Insignia HR Lowering Springs 2017 1 Opel Insignia with Esprit H & R components for the Rüsselsheimer


Opel's current flagship is definitely the second generation Insignia. It has grown significantly and at the same time lighter. With the new Opel IntelliLink, there are navigation maps in 3D including traffic information via DAB. If you want, you can play videos or music from the USB stick. If desired, the smartphone can also be connected to Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Even with niceties such as a digital speedometer or the head-up display, the Opel can easily stand up to the Passat. The Insignia could just bring a little more esprit, that certain something. This is now done by the suspension professionals from H&R, who contribute their expertise.

Opel Insignia HR Lowering Springs 2017 4 Opel Insignia with Esprit H & R components for the Rüsselsheimer

The Sauerlanders have that certain something in the form of new sport springs in their range. These are specially tailored to the axle loads and the combinations with the standard dampers and, of course, also harmonize with the “Flexride” chassis concept. H&R supplies sport springs for all engine and body variants of the new Insignia generation. It doesn't matter if it's a front-wheel or all-wheel drive Insignia. The sport springs with "Made in Germany" ensure that the light alloy wheels at the front and rear sit approx. 30 millimeters lower in the wheel arch. In addition to the improved optics, this naturally also has advantages in terms of driving dynamics. The well-known “Trak +” wheel spacers bring the last bit of optics on request. With them, standard and retrofit wheels can be perfectly aligned to the body edges.

Opel Insignia HR Lowering Springs 2017 2 Opel Insignia with Esprit H & R components for the Rüsselsheimer

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H&R components for the Opel Insignia:

Type ZB, year of construction 2017

  • Sport springs, article numbers:
    28717-1, sedan 2WD, up to 1100kg VA load
    28717-2, sedan 2WD, from 1101kg VA load
    28717-3, Sportstourer 2WD, up to 1100kg VA load
    28717-4, Sportstourer 2WD, from 1101kg VA load
    28717-5, sedan 4WD
    28717-6, Sportstourer 4WD
  • Lowering each approx. 30 mm VA / HA
  • Prices: 279,65 Euro incl. VAT
  • Spacers:
    18mm per axle in silver or black
    Price: 117,81 Euro incl. VAT

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  1. I've recently bought an insignia the same as the white one above and have been looking for coil overs or springs to lower the car as i lower all my cars. Doesn't seem to be many options about at the moment. Have you a link for the springs in the picture above or point me in the direction of some decent priced kits. Your help be much appreciated

  2. i bought this kit via gm-tuningparts then had to install it with the correct paperwork. all totally what 550 euro. for the lower part.
    spacers aren't allowed in belgium but installed them annyway. paid 270 for 4. looks much better now.

    • Ik heb ook een insignia en wil hem graag verlagen maar ben bang voor het comfort dungeon.
      Wordt de auto veel stugger met de verlagingsveren.

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