Polaris Industries

At their founding 1954, the brothers Hetteen developed with David Johnson snowmobiles. After the first prototypes and tests, production started. Based on the experience gained, 1985 also produced ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles), and with the Polaris Sportsman, the company also managed to become more internationally known. On the wave of success, with the Polaris Ranger, a side by side vehicle was presented and a little later even its own motorcycle brand (Victory). In order to keep up with the current competition, the company uses the financial resources to buy into many companies that focus on the development or production of electric vehicles. A well-known acquisition was that of the manufacturer GEM (Global Electric Motorcars) of Chrysler 2011. In Europe, the American manufacturer sells its light electric vehicles under the Aixam brand. In the field of vehicle tuning, apart from the color and the body, not much is possible. Tuning is what Aixam mainly refers to when removing the throttle.

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