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Volvo tuning directly from the manufacturer - Polestar Engineered!

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Polestar Precept 2020 Elektro Tuning 11 Volvo Tuning engineered directly from the manufacturer Polestar!

From in-brand tuners to own brands for hybrid and electric cars. Polestar Engineered is a joint venture between automobile manufacturers Volvo Car Corporation and Geely. Since 2017 the joint venture is not only House tuner from Volvo, but one own manufacturer. But that does not mean that Volvo models are no longer allowed to drive the label. If the customer orders a factory performance upgrade, the Polestar label is mandatory. What many do not know: Even with expired, Volvo models up to ten years old, Polestar can still be tuned retrofitted .

Up to 30 hp increase in performance

The performance increase is about a software optimization without additional chip realized and you can even search comfortably on the website using the vehicle identification number (VIN). This is possible for most engines of current models, no matter whether diesel, gasoline or hybrid engine, automatic or switch, front or all-wheel drive. The performance increases by up to 30 hp, the torque by up to 50 Nm, depending on the engine. But not only sprint and pull-through values ​​improve, that too Engine response gets an upgrade. In addition, Volvo promises that the consumption and emissions values do not change. This is the only way to be registration in the Vehicle papers at all is also possible. And even one Overboost function for the engine D5 (code 68) in the Volvo XC60 and the complete 90s family of certain model years is available. This significantly increases engine power and torque under full load to 188kW / 255PS and 520NM.

Polestar Chiptuning Volvo Volvo Tuning directly from the manufacturer Polestar Engineered!

Polestar's offer starts at 499 euros

Cool too: Shifting gears in a curve can have a negative effect on handling. Polestar's performance optimization maintains the optimal gear and higher engine speed when cornering and improve at. Be like that Load change reactions avoided. And not just the drivers of current models like V60, V90 or XC90 can benefit from the increase in performance; an upgrade of the engine performance is also available for selected models up to ten years old. At the C30, C70 or V50 it brings the 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder from 230 to 250 hp. With the V40 of the second generation, on the other hand, is for almost all Diesel and gasoline engines to have an optimization. In addition, Volvo, or Polestar, also has it for most models Sport pedals made of aluminium Releases. From 499 euros, depending on the model. is the performance increase to have. A good price for tuning directly from the manufacturer. So Polestar is anything but an automaker!

Polestar Pedalerie Tuning Volvo Tuning engineered directly from the manufacturer Polestar!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Volvo tuning engineered directly from the manufacturer Polestar!

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