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Polestar develops video streaming app for Polestar 2

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Video Streaming App Polestar 2 Polestar develops video streaming app for Polestar 2

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The electronics brand Polestar has developed its own video streaming app for the Polestar 2. The beta app, which is now available in all European Polestar stores in the Google Play Store, brings web-based content from various providers directly to the 11-inch center display in the vehicle - perfect for entertainment when parking or charging. "We have released the new Polestar Video App as a beta version so that our customers can enjoy the advantages of video streaming in the car sooner rather than later," said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “The honest feedback from our customers will help us refine the app based on feedback from thousands of users, rather than relying on feedback from a small and well-defined number of users. We will add more channels, which gives the app enormous growth potential as it is possible to integrate any web-based stream. "

Video streaming app for Polestar 2

Heico Sportiv Polestar 2 sport suspension sport springs Tuning 5 Polestar develops video streaming app for Polestar 2

  • Beta app now available with several video feeds, Tagesschau in Germany is involved in the pilot project
  • Streaming while parking or charging without additional data costs
  • Continuous development brings more and more content

Content will include news services and national TV shows, where available, as well as a video playlist curated by Polestar. At the start, the app includes highlights such as the Tagesschau in Germany, SVT in Sweden, Al Jazeera and BBC Ideas for all European markets. More specific feeds for other markets will be added continuously. One of the advantages of the Android Automotive OS in the Polestar 2 is the ease with which the app can be further developed. Thanks to the online emulator, which is available in the Polestar developer portal and is open to every app developer, Polestar is able to develop and test new apps efficiently.

App works when the car is not moving

As customer needs and wishes evolve, Polestar's services and solutions can also be adapted - without the typical long lead times that are traditionally common in the automotive industry. The Polestar Video App can be used when the car is not moving. When exiting parking mode, however, the sound continues to play in the background so that the occupants can continue to watch the transmission. The data volume used by the app is already included in the vehicle's data tariff, so there are no additional costs.

Polestar Precept PET interior series production 28 Polestar develops video streaming app for Polestar 2

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