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Virtual tour through the special show "25 Years Boxster"

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Special show 25 years of the Porsche Boxster Museum 1 Virtual tour of the special show "25 Years of Boxster"

Museums preserve treasures and make a major contribution to cultural and social life. The Porsche Museum not only lives historical communication with a backward look, but also vividly transports the brand's values ​​into the present and future. On the occasion of the 44th International Museum Day, the Porsche Museum invites you to a digital visit from May 16, 2021. In keeping with this year's motto “Museums inspire the future”, interested parties can take a virtual tour of the special show “25 Years of Boxster” in German and English from this Sunday. This is how the history of the mid-engine sports car and its importance for the brand reaches the living rooms of the world.

25 years of Boxster

“Changed times require new thinking. We have been going digital for a long time and using modern channels to show the origin and thus the experience of Porsche in automobile construction, ”says Achim Stejskal, Head of Heritage and Porsche Museum. For the years to come, he and his team have committed themselves to the “Mission Future Heritage”. In doing so, they also illustrate the origin and future of the brand outside of the museum.

In order to proactively carry the history work from Porscheplatz in Zuffenhausen into the world, digital diversity is important. The online tour will be available from the International Museum Day on the museum's website at All Boxster models, ancestors and relatives that can be seen in the special show for the 25th birthday of the roadster are presented in two to three-minute videos. The viewers can navigate themselves through the tour and choose from two vehicles which one they would like to see next.

A quarter of a century of Boxster history

The digital tour brings interested parties closer to the history of a quarter of a century Boxster. There is also a lot of information about vehicles with mid-engine technology, which were introduced in 1948 in the Porsche 356 "No. 1 “Roadster was used - the first vehicle to be built under the Porsche name. One of the highlights of the special show is the Boxster study, which was presented in Detroit in 1993 and which resulted in the first series in 1996 and with it a worldwide success. In addition, the audience will get an insight into the legendary 550 Spyder. The ancestor of the Boxster, which weighs around 550 kilograms, is the first vehicle designed by Porsche for racing and the first with a centrally positioned rev counter - the beginning of a tradition that has been preserved to this day. The concept of the mid-engine is illustrated in this example with a look under the tailgate.

From May 16, the Porsche Museum will also be showing the 984, a small and lightweight prototype that is trend-setting for the Porsche roadster concept. One of the special features is the motor below the base plate, the so-called underfloor motor. Another exhibit is the Porsche 914/4 from 1975, one of the most popular two-seaters with almost 120.000 units built. Using a cutaway model of the first Boxster generation with the internal type number 986, the Porsche Museum is demonstrating the new development of the water-cooled boxer engine. Another special guest is the Boxster Bergspyder, a single-seater sports car based on the third Boxster generation with the internal designation 981. This unique piece from 2015 enjoys prototype status to this day and is reminiscent of the 909 Bergspyder from 1968, the lightest ever at 384 kilograms Racing cars built by Porsche. To mark the anniversary, Porsche launched the special “Boxster 25 Years” model on the market at the beginning of this year. The homage to the study from 1993 is limited to 1.250 copies worldwide and is also part of the digital tour of the International Museum Day.

Day of action is proclaimed annually

The day of action is announced annually by the International Council of Museums ICOM in order to draw attention to the broad spectrum of museum work and the thematic diversity of museums. All over Germany, museums are offering special campaigns, exhibitions or a look behind the scenes on this Sunday.

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