HERE, Vodafone and Porsche are working on a real-time warning system

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HERE Vodafone Porsche real-time warning system 1 HERE, Vodafone and Porsche are working on a real-time warning system

In the future, confusing traffic situations should become safer through the use of new technologies. HERE Technologies, Vodafone and Porsche are working on this as part of a feasibility study. The aim is to improve the safety of road users with the help of 5G technology and high-precision identification and localization of dangerous situations in real time. HERE Technologies, Porsche and Vodafone are testing how 5G technology and high-precision localization can make future traffic safer and reduce the number of traffic accidents. The companies are working together on a real-time warning system. Specifically, vehicles and their occupants should in future receive hazard reports immediately and without delay in order to be able to react immediately. In the Vodafone 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven, the partners are testing the real-time warning system for the first time under conditions similar to everyday life.

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche

This primarily concerns dangerous situations that are difficult or impossible to see for the occupants, for example because the view is blocked by vehicles driving ahead. Captured by camera and sensor systems using artificial intelligence and precisely localized with high-precision map and positioning technology, the data determined will in future be processed and evaluated directly at the edge of the road, in multi-access edge computing (MEC). They are then transmitted to the following road users without delay in the form of dedicated warning notices using 5G cellular technology and an intelligent MQTT message broker.

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche are working on a real-time warning system

Live Sense SDK from HERE Technologies

In addition to HD maps and positioning technology, the Live Sense SDK from HERE Technologies is used to identify dangerous situations. Integrated in devices with front cameras, it uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify objects, changes in the behavior of other road users and road conditions that can lead to critical situations. Based on this, Live Sense SDK creates corresponding warnings for drivers in real time. “Increasing road safety is a key concern for us. Location-based technologies in combination with 5G and multi-access edge computing enable powerful solutions that make roads safer and road users a better mobility experience, ”explains Antina Lee from the Product Innovation Team at HERE Technologies.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)

In many cases, data processing takes place in central data centers. With multi-access edge computing (MEC), the computing power moves ever closer to the customer - in this case to the vehicles. This saves time and enables data to be exchanged in real time. The routes that the data must take to reach the recipient are significantly shortened. Thanks to the new 5G cellular technology, no time is lost during the actual data transmission, so that hazard warnings arrive in the vehicles in real time with latency times of less than ten milliseconds. In addition, data that was previously processed directly in the vehicle will also be processed outside of the vehicle in future.

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche are working on a real-time warning system

"If cars warn each other of dangers in real time, life can be saved," explains Michael Reinartz, head of innovation at Vodafone Germany. “5G and data processing on the roadside help to transmit hazard warnings without delay and to make road traffic even safer. We are currently testing this under everyday conditions. "

Feasibility studies, also known as proof of concept (PoC), are important tools in project management with which requirements for an application can be validated and an acceptance test can be carried out in cooperation with partners. In the context of new technologies, feasibility studies are essential in the early project phase in order to test the functionality. "The PoC supports the possibility of researching and testing the latest 5G technologies and location services for possible future products," explains André Schlufter, Connectivity and SIM Management at Porsche AG. Following the first tests in Aldenhoven, HERE Technologies, Porsche and Vodafone want to further optimize the real-time warning system and check its use in everyday life. Further tests will follow at different locations and under variable conditions.

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche are working on a real-time warning system

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