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Know more, can do more, hear better: Porsche infotainment system!

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2021 Porsche Infotainment System 3 White more, can do more, hear better: Porsche Infotainment System!

The sixth generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) will be introduced in the Porsche 2021, Cayenne and Panamera models from summer 911. The most important innovations include the deep integration of the streaming services Apple Music and Apple Podcasts into PCM. In addition, Android Auto will also be integrated for the first time. In addition, the voice assistant Voice Pilot now understands instructions in natural language. The navigation system calculates faster and presents its information more clearly. PCM 6.0 also ensures that software updates can be carried out wirelessly using over-the-air technology. And: In the future, the PCM system could become the digital basis for adaptive sound - music that dynamically adapts to the driving style.

Flexible in the use of Android Auto

The scope of delivery of the new PCM 6.0 includes the integration of Android Auto. In addition to the iPhones from Apple, smartphones with the Google Android operating system can now also be integrated into the infotainment system of the Porsche models. This happens automatically as soon as the mobile phone is connected to the vehicle via a USB cable: Telephone functions and smartphone apps that do not impair driving safety can then be operated via the PCM 6.0.

Porsche seamlessly integrates Apple Podcasts and Apple Music into the vehicle

Apple Music subscribers can enjoy more than 75 million songs ad-free with a three-year free in-car Internet connection. You can also stream thousands of playlists and choose from the world's best music experts every day. In addition, they have access to all artists and presenters who broadcast on the global livestream radio stations Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. Porsche drivers also have access to more than 1,5 million programs from the world's leading podcast platform Apple Podcasts, so that they can be informed, entertained and inspired every time they drive. All you have to do is connect your Apple ID to your vehicle. To use Apple Podcasts or Apple Music, the smartphone does not have to be in the car.

“We have managed to combine the classic radio experience with the modern streaming experience,” says Martin Bayer, Team Leader Navigation and Infotainment at Porsche AG. “It's not just about listening to music, but about the deep integration of Apple Music into the Porsche infotainment system: The driver can add a song he hears on the radio to an Apple playlist in order to play it back later. Or, if he particularly likes an artist on the radio, he can switch to a special Apple station that only plays songs by precisely that artist. "

Porsche vehicles equipped with the new PCM 6.0 also have wireless Apple CarPlay support. This allows customers to easily connect their iPhone to the vehicle wirelessly. With a simple tap on the touchscreen display or via Siri voice control, you receive traffic-optimized directions, can make calls, send and receive messages, and play music and podcasts. You can keep an eye on the traffic at all times.

The voice pilot has become more human

In future it will be sufficient, as was previously possible with the Taycan, to simply say “Hey Porsche”. The vehicle is ready to carry out commands without the driver having to take their hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off the road. The phrase “I need petrol” lets the navigation system find a route to the nearest petrol station, a phrase like “I'm cold” automatically increases the interior temperature, and massage seats or ambient lighting can also be addressed in a targeted manner. The Voice Pilot is permanently online and thus constantly learns new formulations: Over time, the system gets better and better and can support the driver more and more.

The navigation system is now more powerful

The new hardware and software architecture of the PCM 6.0 allows even faster calculations of the navigation system - always taking into account traffic information that comes in in real time. The significantly reduced and clearer map view also contributes to the speed of information transfer. With the help of real-time traffic data, the roads are displayed in different colors depending on the traffic situation. The route monitor allows quick access to all relevant information. Among other things, traffic jams and intermediate stops along the route are clearly displayed here. In addition, the Porsche navigation system now also shows the traffic information in the exact lane.

2021 Porsche Infotainment System 6 White more, can do more, hear better: Porsche Infotainment System!

Man and machine communicate more intensively

With PCM 6.0, Porsche is transferring the digital functions of the Taycan electric sports car to models with a combustion engine for the first time. The interactive digital operating instructions “Good to know - the instructions” are integrated into the system, calendar entries on the smartphone are displayed on the touchscreen of the PCM 6.0 via the Porsche Connect app, and with an active Bluetooth connection between the car and smartphone, Porsche drivers can use the Calendar service also dial into conference calls. Infotainment system software updates can also be carried out using over-the-air technology.

The music of the future is composed by Porsche

The sporty ride could soon be accompanied by suitable music. The new Soundtrack My Life app, which is still in beta, comes from Porsche Digital and is a world premiere with the adaptive sound function. A playlist is not simply put together, but an individual soundtrack is created within the app in real time. It is made up of specially composed musical elements and is really adaptive, so it adapts to the driving style. So you hear a completely different music when driving on a sporty country road than when you are cruising to the office. Anyone who thinks of the situation-dependent changing music background of computer games is not wrong - only that the soundtracks can be enjoyed on the smartphone outside the car.

2021 Porsche Infotainment System 5 White more, can do more, hear better: Porsche Infotainment System!

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