Real-time mobile communications for the vehicle projects of the future

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Porsche real-time mobile radio 5G Vodafone 2021 1 real-time mobile radio for the vehicle projects of the future

Together with Vodafone, Porsche started the 5G era in the Weissach development center: Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO Vodafone Germany, and Porsche Development Board member Michael Steiner activated the 5G standalone network today. Real-time cellular radio for vehicle development is now available in Weissach. The new cellular technology ensures a secure and delay-free transmission of data between vehicle, man and machine. The implementation of the technology at the Weissach location improves the framework conditions for the targeted development of new vehicle systems and functions for future requirements. From here, 5G should find its way into the automobiles of tomorrow.

Real-time cellular 5G

When activating 5G in the Weissach Development Center (EZW), the partners are primarily concerned with the secure and delay-free transmission of data between vehicles and digital end devices. Compared to the LTE standard, 5G offers the potential to transmit more information much faster. In contrast to most other 5G networks, the cellular architecture in EZW is set up as a continuous 5G standalone solution in the 3,5 GHz frequency band. This is what distinguishes the 5G network in Weissach from 5G technology in other places, where the core network is partially based on the existing LTE infrastructure. The delay time for data exchange, the so-called latency, is reduced to around ten milliseconds with 5G standalone. This makes the Weissach 5G network one of the fastest in Europe.

In addition, with 5G standalone, the network slicing technology, which is so important for industry, is also possible for the first time. Vodafone Porsche can thus provide temporarily guaranteed bandwidths and latency times for certain events and projects with smaller subnets at the Weissach location. “With 5G standalone, we are bringing Europe's fastest network to Weissach and thus new digital services in the automobiles of tomorrow. 5G is revolutionizing the development of vehicles - from the first prototype to the finished series model. In the future, Porsche engineers will be able to work on digital vehicle models here and prepare them for use on the road. From Weissach, 5G migrates directly into the vehicles on our streets, ”says Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

Porsche real-time mobile radio 5G Vodafone 2021 4 real-time mobile radio for the vehicle projects of the future

The real-time capability through 5G and Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) is an indispensable development requirement for future predictive warning and assistance systems as well as automated driving functions in which safety-relevant data is to be exchanged between vehicles. One application example is a warning function that draws vehicle occupants' attention to dangers in the route section ahead. To do this, the system evaluates the real-time data from vehicles in the vicinity of your own car.

Porsche is currently working with HERE Technologies and Vodafone to conduct a feasibility study to determine which security potential this approach offers. Other options for fast 5G data transmission are new connectivity and streaming offers with high transmission rates. Bandwidths of up to 1.000 megabits per second in the future and data exchange in real time allow content streaming in HD quality as well as delay-free cloud gaming and augmented reality transmissions. In the future, the vehicles will be used as home theater on four wheels.

“We have a successful partnership with Vodafone, including in motorsport, which we are now strengthening with the 5G network integration in Weissach and transferring it to other areas. The infrastructure expansion is an important step towards the future for us, because networking and digitization will shape the vehicle of tomorrow, both in terms of development and later operation on the road, ”says Michael Steiner, Member of the Board of Management for Research and Development at Porsche AG .

The work on the 5G network for the outdoor area of ​​the EZW was completed a few weeks ago. Two mobile radio stations and several antennas supply the entire area with a fast network. In the next step, the 5G expansion for the interiors in the development center is to take place. The electronics integration center is to be the first area in which the high-performance data exchange in the 5G network is made possible with the support of special indoor antennas.Porsche real-time mobile radio 5G Vodafone 2021 2 real-time mobile radio for the vehicle projects of the future

“Developments based on the new mobile radio standard can in future be tested in the electronics laboratories at EZW and the results can be verified directly on-site on the test tracks under everyday conditions. This saves long distances for the tests, so that we can reduce the development times for new vehicle systems, ”explains André Schlufter, Connectivity and SIM Manager at Porsche AG. Visitors and partners of the development center also benefit from the high-performance and fast 5G connection in the EZW, because Porsche and Vodafone designed the 5G infrastructure at the Weissach location as a public network.

The 5G infrastructure at the Weissach location enables Porsche AG to test new technologies early in the development process and to try them out for use in vehicles. 5G and functions based on this technology will be integrated into new generations of Porsche vehicles in the medium term. The exact time for the series launch is still open.

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