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Already a short time after the presentation of the BMW 5er of the E60 / E61 model series, the German tuner Prior Design an optional widebody kit with names PDM5 brought on the market. The body kit consists of a new front and rear bumpers, matching side skirts, new front fenders, side wall extensions at the rear and a stylish bonnet attachment in the style of the F90 M3 (with power domes and air intakes). Exactly the body kit got this M5 and we thought to create something virtual. For this purpose, we have installed the new parking light rings of the current G30 / G31 which look much grimmer by their angular shape. In addition, but also had a brutal lowering ago and so the body huddles only a few millimeters above the ground. Further changes did not have to be made because that PDM5 Widebody aerodynamic kit is spectacular enough and puts the, actually very discreet, sedan powerful scene.

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • Parking light rings of the current G30 / G31
  • Lowering

Now our question to you, what do you think of that? Would you like the M5 as modified by us on the computer or would that be “too much” and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car in this way or at least something similar on our streets and could imagine that it is quite an eye-catcher. 🙂 Ps. If you want to see more virtually tuned vehicles from tuningblog.eu just click HERE!

Here's a little taste:

BMW M5 F11 Touring in Widebody dress by tuningblog

BMW M5 F11 Touring Widebody 310x165 PDM5 Widebody BMW M5 E60 by tuningblog.eu

First try - Widebody BMW F90 M5 by tuningblog.eu

Widebody BMW M5 Edition F90 Frozen Dark Red 310x165 PDM5 Widebody BMW M5 E60 by tuningblog.eu

Fat Widebody BMW M760LI G12 7er by tuningblog.eu

Widebody BMW M760Li xDrive G11 G12 Tuning 2 310x165 PDM5 Widebody BMW M5 E60 by tuningblog.eu

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