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Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador Tuning 1

What should you capitalize here !? The pictures say everything and that this vehicle in some way with the rim label Forgiato Wheels should also be clear. On display is a Lamborghini Aventador, which not only received a mega eye-catching full foliation in pink, with various floral ornaments, but also an extremely eye-catching Liberty Walk widebody kit including a huge fixed rear spoiler. Without problems, this part joins between the purple version from 2016 and that of 01Executive (EXE) .

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador Tuning 4

Due to the shrill foiling, the body kit is barely recognizable but of course we would like to explain to you what all the Japanese components belong to. Particularly noticeable are the distinctive front and rear fender attachments which are screwed onto the body parts “after” the standard fenders have been cut out. It continues with an individual bumper with a large front spoiler and side extensions, approaches for the side skirts and a huge and completely jagged rear diffuser that contains the centrally mounted sports exhaust system.

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador Tuning 3

All this is surpassed by an extremely large fixed rear wing which feels at least 2-3 tons of contact pressure from 100 km / h. And of course we do not want to mention the eye-catching Forgiato Wheels Decimo-L wheelset. Although we have no information on the dimensions, but we assume that the rear 22 inches and the front 21 inch format is installed. The rims have a striking surface in gold which serves as a contrast to the foiling and in conjunction with pink painted brake calipers rounds off this low taste. In contrast, the interior seems completely different, here you can see in the photos that a white leather interior is installed without any frills.

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador Tuning 5

So after getting in and enjoying the soundscape, as well as the power, of the V12, the look on the outside should be forgotten, at least until you get out. Of course, it is also very clear here that your own taste is always decisive and under no circumstances do we want to present “our opinion” as general. In countries like Dubai or China we are well aware that styling like this is absolutely trendy there. If we get specific details about the changes, there is of course an update for this story. You will be informed about the update if you have ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Forgiato Pink Lamborghini Aventador Tuning 2

(Photos: Forgiato Wheels)

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