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Polestar 2 Arctic Circle Showcar 2022 8

Polestar develops its vehicles in extreme conditions in various locations around the world - from the scorching heat of Arizona in the United States to the bitter cold of northern Sweden. In the frigid environment of the Swedish manufacturer's homeland, the engineering prowess of premium electric vehicles is particularly evident. Polestar once again emphasizes what sets the brand apart from the rest. Conducted in the Arctic Circle at 66,5 degrees north latitude, Polestar's intensive winter testing program lasts 15 weeks from December to March each year and pushes engineering teams and prototypes to the limit. The immense cold not only places enormous demands on the mechanical components, but also poses major challenges for the Polestar engineers, who test the vehicle at temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius.

Polestar 2 Arctic Circle

Joakim Rydholm, Polestar's Chief Chassis Engineer, has led the development and tuning of the driving dynamics of Polestar vehicles for over a decade and is a strong advocate of testing in such conditions. “Chassis set-up for snow and ice allows us to develop our cars in slow motion and with greater accuracy,” says Joakim Rydholm. “With so little grip, we feel and analyze the driving dynamics much better than on tarmac, which means we can really tune the behavior of our cars down to the smallest detail. This is my absolute favorite place to develop cars.”

Elevation by 30 mm

To demonstrate this expertise, Joakim Rydholm, who has won numerous trophies as a rally driver in his spare time, developed the Polestar 2 "Arctic Circle" as a unique special winter rally version. The base vehicle - a Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor with Performance Package - features several specific optimizations. A raised ride height (+30mm), increased power and torque (350 kW and 680 Nm) as well as custom-made 19-inch spiked winter tires (245/35 R19) equipped with 4 mm metal spikes (490 per tyre). are, give the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle the mechanical requirements to be fast and agile on snow and ice.

In combination with 30% softer springs, the three-way adjustable Öhlins performance dampers, which were specially developed and tuned for this vehicle in cooperation with Öhlins, are set to nine clicks front and rear and have additional adaptations. The standard 4-piston Brembo brakes at the front are retained. Front and rear braces were installed to increase torsional rigidity and steering response. A new prototype of the start control system was integrated via rocker switches on the steering wheel. A carbon fiber snow shovel and recovery harness are mounted in the rear of the vehicle.

19" rally wheels by OZ & Öhlins Chassis

Polestar 2 Arctic Circle Showcar 2022 23

Visually inspired by the rally, the vehicle features 19-inch OZ Racing rally wheels, four Stedi Quad Pro LED headlights, and a unique matte gray and white exterior finish, as well as custom upholstered Recaro bucket seats in the color Charcoal with Swedish golden accents. The front bumper features a carbon fiber skid plate for added underbody protection. Joakim Rydholm: “My goal was for this car to be fun to drive and we really push it in terms of performance and handling in a wintry environment like a frozen lake. The balance and predictability we've achieved with the increased vehicle height and special tires is particularly noticeable when cornering with total control, full sideways, and it puts a smile on even my face.” The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle is a special show car and will not go into production.

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Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

Polestar 2 Performance Software Upgrade 310x165 Performance Software Upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

ntv and Polestar cooperate in the field of car entertainment

ntv Polestar Car Entertainment 310x165 ntv and Polestar cooperate in the field of car entertainment

Vivaldi web browser now available in Polestar 2

Vivaldi web browser Polestar 2 2 310x165 Vivaldi web browser now available in Polestar 2

Polestar 2 Arctic Circle is a show car special edition
Photo credit: Polestar

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