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Perfect: Porsche 911 as HK002 conversion by Theon Design!

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Porsche 911 HK002 Restomod Theon Design Tuning 7 Perfect: Porsche 911 as HK002 conversion by Theon Design!

Photo credit: Theon Design

Who actually comes up with the idea of ​​opting for a Porsche 911 "to age"? Theon design! They build so-called 'Backdate vehicles'. These are newer vehicles with the design of the early years. And the company is particularly fond of the 911. And now Theon Design currently has that third copy completed. At the same time, it is the second car that has been sold to a customer in Hong Kong. Hence the name HK002 (Hong Kong 002). The base is a completely restored one Porsche 911 of the 964 generation. It was dismantled to the last screw and then completely repaired and stiffened. The new components were all created on the computer using a 3D scan of the 964 and are therefore extremely precise. Even the original attachment points can be used.

Porsche 911 as HK002 conversion

That was taken over long front hood from the early 911s, there was also the issued fenders from the 911 S / T and later G models and an in-house retractable one is also installed rear spoiler. Aprons and spoilers the company manufactures from carbon and the fender as well as the hood at the front and rear are made of steel. If that's not exclusive enough for you, you can also choose one completely Carbon existing body order.

Incidentally, those from the present are completely from the present 991 Speedster Concept inspired electrically adjustable Mirrors made of billet aluminum. And under the hood? There are different possibilities. Starting with the classic 3,6 liter six-cylinderr with towards the 4 liter engine a lot is possible. Even between Mammal or Turbo one can choose.

376 hp and 407 Newton meters of torque

The HK002 runs with a suction motor variant and scoops 376 hp and 407 Newton meters of torque from 3,8 liters displacement. It is switched by means of G50 six-speed gearbox from the 993 and of course the power comes exclusively to the Rear wheels. And so that the power comes consistently on the road, Theon Design relies on a fully adjustable KW variant 3 coilover kit. And, of course, the wheelhouses rotate in keeping with their status 17 inch Fuchs alloy wheels. And of course we would also like to mention the interior. This is also created in close cooperation with the future owner and is completely individual. In the case of the HK002 there is SPort bucket seats from Recaro, plus the rear seats, the dashboard, the center tunnel and the side panels with green Semi-aniline leather equipped and the seat centers, the door panels and the central dashboard are even with Braided leather and yellow accents refined.

with a full tank it weighs only 1.248 kilograms

The XNUMX is steered with one Three-spoke Nardi steering wheel and the leather-covered center tunnel even has a few details in it carbon fiber. Modern gimmicks like a hidden screen for the reversing camera and a radio with a new sound system to connect the Smartphone as well as a Satellite navigation system are attending. Even a magnetic holder for cordless charging one has considered. And the leather upholstery even extends to the front trunk and over parts of the engine compartment. Successful details like the new one Air conditioning and Power Steering far down in the front allow you to do this Weight distribution of 50:50. And since the HK002 only has a full petrol tank 1.248 kg the driving characteristics are above average agile. And finally there is the price: We'll make it short - a complete renovation takes around 18 months and the base price is £ 300.000 without special requests.

Porsche 911 HK002 Restomod Theon Design Tuning 15 Perfect: Porsche 911 as HK002 conversion by Theon Design!

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