Off-road Porsche 911 (964) from Russell Built is on the starting line!

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Already at the start of the SEMA Show 2019, Russell Built Fabrication could with that Prerunner Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet convince all along the line. The aftermarket tuner went into production with its build and is now back with another model. The 911 of the 964 era was transformed from a Safari Sportsman into a inexpensive transformed off-roader. In comparison is the 911 Safari Sportsman a little slimmer compared to the Baja Spec. Nevertheless, he gets several extensive Upgrades. all Suspension, for example, has been revised by Russell Built. Rear subframe was also with Boxplate steel handlebars equipped. Furthermore, a King Shocks coilovers with integrated bypass installed. Through upgrades like an enlarged wheelbase including trace could enter the 911 increased suspension travel of a good 25 cm on the rear axle can be made possible. In the front area was the suspension improved in the same way and it became a lower one A-handlebar made of sheet steel installed.

Russell Built Porsche 911

heavy duty bearings and hubs as well as custom-made and adjustable ones EXE TC struts are also installed. And adjustable camber plates are also included in the upgraded Porsche upon delivery. The vehicle also gets optically with a Wide body kit the striking turbo design. The new off-road parts of the 911 help put together a compelling package. Designed by Russell Built, the Safari Sportsman was assembled to do anything with the stock 964 powertrain. and Upgrades for the customer in terms of more Performance are also offered. Whether a slightly outdated 3,8-liter engine or a 4,0 liter engine with 400 hp, everything is possible. And that too Gear can be upgraded. However, the basic package only contains the essential accessories for Porsche off-road fun. But Russell Built offers many more that can be booked Accessories at. In the program will be about two different Roof rack variants offered. Among them is one, as a flat carbon fiber unit or a traditional tube carrier variant.

Roll bars instead of rear seats

Offroad Porsche 911 964 Russell Built Tuning 2022 40

The rear seats can now be removed in the XNUMX and there is the option of one instead Roll bar to install Everything is rounded off by exclusive headlights with carbon fairing in rally optics, a air compressor, Bumpers made of tubular steel, Shims and one Oil cooler/condenser transfer kit. Orders are now being accepted for Russell Built home builds. In terms of price, the Safari Sportsman starts at 135.000 US Dollars. Company founder TJ Russel said his goal was to offer "something more affordable" for 964 owners with the Safari Sportsman. Now you can see it however you want. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Russell Built's off-road Porsche 911 is launched
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