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Porsche 911 Sally Special one-off 2022 tuning 13

Porsche and Pixar Animation Studios have unveiled a very special Porsche inspired by one of their most popular XNUMXs: Sally Carrera, known from Disney and Pixar's Cars movies. “911 Sally Special” is unique, just like Sally Carrera. There will only be one 911 Sally Special - and it's the first time Pixar has backed such a project. The one-off will be auctioned by RM Sotheby's on Saturday, August 20, 2022 as part of Monterey Car Week in California. The auction proceeds will be donated to two charities: A portion of the proceeds will benefit young women with a donation to Girls Inc. The second part goes to USA for UNHCR, an organization that supports refugees from Ukraine.

Porsche 911 Sally Special

“Vehicles need a face and a story. And the animated film 'Cars' transferred this impressively to the big screen,” says Sebastian Rudolph, Head of Public Relations, Press, Sustainability and Politics at Porsche AG. “The story conveys values ​​such as friendship, love and mutual support – and right in the middle there is a Porsche: 'Sally Carrera'. We brought this character back to life together with Pixar. With this unique piece we would like to help people who urgently need support. In the spirit of the film character.”

The project began in November 2021 and brought together members of the original Cars team who brought both the film character and life-size Sally Carrera to life more than 20 years ago. The team included Jay Ward, creative director of franchises at Pixar Animation Studios, and Bob Pauley, who debuted as character production designer Sally Carrera on the film Cars. They were supported by members of the special request team from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in Stuttgart and by designers from Style Porsche in Weissach. The team worked together for ten months - the result is a one-of-a-kind factory product.

a fully drivable 911

"We had a lot of fun creating 911 Sally Special and it's the first time we've worked on a project of this nature," said Jay Ward, Creative Director of Franchise of Pixar Animation Studios. "We decided early on that we wanted to create a fully drivable 911 - inspired by Sally Carrera, but not a direct copy. Sally Carrera loves to drive - that was our motivation. We asked ourselves: If Sally were to be built today as a street legal version, what would it look like?"

“911 Sally Special is based on the fastest and most agile variant of the 911 Carrera model series, the 911 Carrera GTS. The car is equipped with a manual gearbox, picking up on Sally Carrera's passion for driving,” explains Boris Apenbrink, Head of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles. “The customization scopes are detailed and extensive. 911 Sally Special was one of the most intense, emotional and detailed special request projects our team has ever worked on. For example, the car is painted Sally Blue Metallic, a hand-applied paint specially developed for this project. Of course we also thought of Sally's tattoo. The implementation was a very special challenge.” The Sally Carrera Turbo Look rims were reinterpreted by the Porsche designers in Weissach and specially manufactured for the 911 Sally Special. The rim in the so-called "five-arm design" was adapted to the 20/21-inch wheel dimensions of the current 911 generation and creates a visual connection to the 996 Type XNUMX on which Sally Carrera is based.

sally blue metallic also in the interior

Porsche interior designer Daniela Milošević led the team that designed the new shade of blue and the vehicle interior together with Pixar. “We were completely free to express ourselves, which was great! In the film, Sally Carrera was a California attorney who values ​​style and elegance. At the same time, she was down-to-earth and full of life,” says Milošević.

“The special sally blue metallic continues in the interior, creating both obvious highlights and subtle details that will hopefully put a smile on the face of the future owner. It was important to us not to forget everyday usability and practicality. 911 Sally Special should be driven with pleasure and often. We have developed a special Pepita fabric upholstery in three colors combined with chalk leather and speed blue stitching. Working on these details makes the project special and brings back many memories of the film and Sally Carrera.”

In addition to the car itself, the scope of the auction also includes other highlights - above all a unique chronograph by Porsche Design, which was also created in cooperation with Pixar. The clock hand is painted metallic sally blue like the car itself. The chalk-colored leather strap with speed blue stitching underscores the sporty design of this one-off. The wristband can be exchanged for a second wristband in speed blue with chalk-colored stitching quickly, easily and without any tools. Similar to the vehicle, the chronograph has a limitation that is placed on the back of the case.Porsche 911 Sally Special one-off 2022 tuning 43
The one-off is powered by a COSC-certified Porsche Design caliber WERK 01.100. The 911 Sally Special Chronograph was developed and manufactured with precision work in Porsche's own watch factory in Solothurn, Switzerland. The scope of the auction also includes a special indoor car cover from Porsche Tequipment, a wheel rack with an additional wheel set consisting of Carrera Exclusive Design wheels, a book on the development and production of the one-off and a so-called "Timecapsule Collection", which includes original drawings by the designers Includes Shuichi Yamashita and Bob Pauley.

Porsche 911 Sally Special one-off 2022 tuning 52

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Porsche 911 Sally Special: One-off for a good cause
Photo credit: Porsche
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