Carbon body in the 170 hp Porsche 912c restomod!

Carbon body 170 hp Porsche 912c Restomod Tuning 1

Slowly but surely we have the impression that more restored Porsches are being sold than new vehicles. Almost every day there are various conversions and restorations to see, which impressively show what you can do with an old classic from Porsche. And that doesn't just apply to the classic 911. However, the XNUMX was not as extremely successful as one might think based on the Porsche vehicles that are currently being built all the time. The XNUMX (initially referred to as 901) got off to a rocky start in 1963/64. The reason was the expensive six-cylinder in the rear, which caused a significant price premium compared to the old 356. As a result, Porsche 912 sent into the race. It was still equipped with the air-cooled four-cylinder from the 356, but at the same time the 912 enjoyed the body of the then new 911. Porsche built the 912 from 1965 to 1969 and the successor was the 914. That to the history of the classic!

Porsche 912c Restomod

But now we come to this special vehicle in an elegant way Dark green und mit Strip in orange velvet start number 68. It's an original 912 from the company "Comb manufactory“ from Budapest in Hungary. And specifically it is a so-called Restomod conversion. So an old vehicle with modern components. The company calls the rolling creation the 912c and the tag is based on one 912 donor vehicle. This was completely disassembled and down to the last screw restauriert. The almost completely new one is not really recognizable Body. Although the body parts look like the original vehicle, they are not made of steel but of carbon. Furthermore, there was Reinforcements on the chassis and even ultralight ones Lexan discs are installed. The effort results in one Empty weight of only 750 kg.

2,0-liter four-cylinder engine

Carbon body 170 hp Porsche 912c Restomod Tuning 22

And with its low weight, the completely rebuilt 2,0-liter four-cylinder the company JPS Aircooled little effort. It mobilizes 170 hp (127 kW) and revs up to a maximum of 7.200 revolutions per minute. Compared to the series with the only 90 hp air-cooled 1,6-liter boxer engine, this is of course a significant premium. Incidentally, the engine is coupled to a Five-speed manual with dogleg arrangement and also got the rear axle for improved traction Limited slip differential from ZF. Incidentally, the 912c makes contact with the road by means of coilover with individual coordination of the Kamm manufactory. It is possible, for example, to adjust the dampers and stabilizers on both axles to the needs of the driver and the (race) track. This is joined by another for a befitting delay Bremsanlage from the 964 front and rear there was Brembo aluminum calipers along with matching discs.

chic rims with central locking

Carbon body 170 hp Porsche 912c Restomod Tuning 10

The brake system is also hidden behind three-part Rims with central locking, those with Yokohama AD08RS tires are related. And inside? A lot has happened there, too, especially with regard to lightweight construction. Because the interior was Seats equipped with carbon fiber structure and also exist Fairing parts in the interior largely made of carbon. Still, there's also a bit of luxury in the form of an electric one Air conditioning and an upgrade for that Sound system. And best of all: the vehicle should no remain unique. Kamm wants to start building customer vehicles of the 2023c from 912, at a starting price of hefty ones €325.000. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Carbon body in the 170 hp Porsche 912c restomod!
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