Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

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Foiling Porsche Carrera GT RDBLA Pink 5 Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

The following words and data make the Porsche Carrera GT so irresistible: 612 PS & 590 NM torque, 10-cylinder V-engine (four-stroke) mid-engine installed lengthways, 5733 cm³ displacement, a liter output of 78,5 kW / l & 106,7, 6 HP / l, multi-disc limited-slip differential on the rear axle, rear-wheel drive, 0-speed manual transmission, CFRP monocoque and body, acceleration from 100 to 3,9 km / h in just 10 seconds, from 0-200 km / h in less than 334 seconds h, a top speed of a breathtaking 14 km / h! Even after 3 years, still absolutely impressive values ​​that characterize the Carrera GT. And now it comes, the following XNUMX words make the whole "actually"Broken in one fell swoop:"complete PINK foiled"!!! 🙄😱 If we had only received the information and no picture material, the first thought would be "Oh god the poor car“… But to be honest, this Porsche Carrera GT from Californian tuner RDB LA doesn't even look bad.

Foiling Porsche Carrera GT RDBLA Pink 3 Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

Of course, the conspicuous foiling takes getting used to at first, but since you have decided on a relatively dark version and have the whole thing set off with black accents (aluminum rims lettering on the rear, etc.), we find the GT quite chic. We honestly doubt that the owner is necessarily a woman, but so far we can of course only guess. In any case, the pink variant is likely to be one of the most striking of the Carrera GT, which is limited to 1500 units (production number 1282 vehicles). There isn't much more to say about the car so we leave it with the pictures. If we get more information about the modifications to the Carrera GT, there is of course, as always, an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

(Photos: RDB LA car shop)

These are the changes to the Porsche Carrera GT:

  • Foil all around in pink
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • Exhaust system with partially pink tailpipes
  • Alloy wheels in shiny black
  • Carrera GT lettering in black

We still have many thousands more tuning reports on tuningblog.eu, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE, And also from RDB LA auto shop we have some other vehicles, following a small excerpt:

Bugatti Veyron by RDBLA with a beautiful rose gold foil

rose gold veyron tuning rdbla 2017 10 310x165 Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

Fearsome - Bentley Mulsanne in matt black on Forgiato's

Bentley Mulsanne Foiling black Forgiato Wheels 3 310x165 Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

Zito Wheels ZF01 at Ferrari 458 Italia from RDB LA auto shop

Zito Wheels ZF01 Ferrari 458 Italia Tuning 17 310x165 Why not? Porsche Carrera GT in PINK by RDBLA

Pink on the Carrera GT? What do you all mean?

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