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Porsche Cayman 987c with Pandem widebody kit & Rotiform's

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Pandem Widebody Tuning Porsche Cayman Rotiform QLB 2 Porsche Cayman 987c with Pandem Widebody Kit & Rotiform's

Forget that Subaru BRZ, The Nissan 350Z, The Audi A7 or what we already have with us Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto body kit have seen so far. In our eyes, the most spectacular vehicle so far is clearly this 987c Porsche Cayman! On the website of the rim label "Rotiform“The rebuilt Zuffenhausner was published a few days ago and we were looking for even more pictures and found what we were looking for. I am of the opinion that of all the pandemic conversions shown so far, this vehicle is the most extreme and yet somehow the most inconspicuous variant. This is because no oversized, huge front spoiler was installed and fortunately there is no GT3 / GT4 fry counter at the rear. Nevertheless, a lot of new aerodynamic parts have of course been added to the 987c. Obviously, a completely new bumper was installed at the front, the huge widenings of which originate here. This is followed by the well-known attachments on the front fender that lead to new side skirts. Extreme fender flares were also screwed onto the side walls, but in my opinion the absolute highlight is at the rear.

A completely new bumper was installed here, which contains a large ducktail spoiler lip, the bumper is reduced to the minimum and has a sports exhaust system with two large tailpipes in the middle. Particularly noticeable are the four large holes in the upper part of the bumper, which make me think why the sports exhaust system in the style of a Carrera GT was not placed directly behind it !? But even without this option, the rear is absolutely unique and especially the extremely wide tires of the new Rotiform QLB wheelset make the whole thing look mega massive and brutal. The dimensions of the wheelset are unfortunately unknown to us so far, but we would guess that 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear are installed. Also not to be overlooked is of course the matt white painted rim star and the high-gloss polished rim bed in connection with the Toyo Proxes tires including the white highlighted lettering. Even inside, hardly a detail reminds of the production vehicle because an extremely large number of modifications have been made here too.

Pandem Widebody Tuning Porsche Cayman Rotiform QLB 4 Porsche Cayman 987c with Pandem Widebody Kit & Rotiform's

A highlight in the interior is the bright green painted roll cage and of course the Recaro full bucket seats which ensure that the driver sits firmly in the saddle on the racetrack. We hope that we will receive more information in the next few days because we would like to learn a lot more, especially with regard to the installed chassis or a possible increase in performance. Of course, if we get more information, there will be an update for this report, as always. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Pandem Widebody Tuning Porsche Cayman Rotiform QLB 10 Porsche Cayman 987c with Pandem Widebody Kit & Rotiform's

(Photos: Rotiform wheels / Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto etc.)

These are the changes to the Porsche Cayman 987c:

  • Wide body kit (completely redesigned front bumper, extreme attachments for the bumpers and fenders all around, completely redesigned rear bumper including ducktail rear spoiler)
  • Rotiform QLB alloy wheels (with white rim star and chrome rim bed)
  • Brembo brake system with bright green calipers
  • light green roll cage
  • Recaro racing seats
  • Lowering (coilover suspension, airride air suspension - more information is not available)
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • Central sports exhaust system (more information is not available)

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an absolutely unique vehicle

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