New Porsche Driver Experience makes its debut in the Cayenne!

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 2

Porsche presents a fundamentally new, innovative architecture for the interior of the new Cayenne. The Porsche Driver Experience not only opens up new possibilities for interaction for the driver, but also for the passenger. With the new Cayenne, which will celebrate its world premiere on April 18 at the Auto Shanghai show in China, Porsche is introducing a groundbreaking display and operating concept. The Porsche Driver Experience stands for fully digital representation, versatile customization and intuitive operation. In the center, the focus is on the driver's axis. The most important controls are grouped around the steering wheel. This creates a new, even more intense driving experience.

Porsche Driver Experience

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 4

The high-quality cockpit transfers elements of the Taycan electric sports car to a Porsche model with a combustion engine for the first time. It includes, among other things, a digital instrument cluster in a so-called curved and free-standing design with variable display options, a newly designed center console and a new generation of steering wheels. The automatic gear selector is now located to the right of the steering wheel. This creates space on the center console for a large air conditioning control panel in an elegant black panel design. Passengers experience a new level of interaction with the vehicle and driver via the optional passenger display. Optimized connect functions round off the new interior concept.

Driver-focused and interactive: the new cockpit in the Cayenne

The driver and front passenger experience a completely new cockpit in the new Porsche Cayenne. It combines an even stronger focus on the driver with new interactive elements that make the driving experience a new experience for the front passenger as well. A fully digital, free-standing 12,6-inch (approx. 32 cm) curved display is now used as the instrument cluster, which does not require a scoop cover and therefore looks modern and filigree. Depending on the equipment, the driver can choose from up to seven views on the instrument cluster. Depending on the selected view, the rev counter, online navigation, night vision assistant or 3D driving assistance are in the foreground. There is also a greatly reduced view and a classic mode to choose from. The latter brings the typical Porsche five-tube instrument cluster design into the digital age.

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 5

A key feature of the new Porsche Driver Experience is the right balance between digital and analogue elements. All controls that are important for the driving experience are also grouped directly around the steering wheel. As is typical for Porsche, the new engine start button is located to the left of the steering wheel. The gear selector is now located to the right of the steering wheel between the instrument cluster and the central display. This creates space on the center console for a new, large-area climate control panel with analogue controls and for more storage space. In the new Cayenne, Porsche has also placed the fundamentally revised control lever for the driver assistance systems directly on the steering wheel.

The new multifunction sports steering wheel comes from the 911 and has been completely revised compared to the previous model and has a high-quality, modern and sporty character. The driving mode switch, which provides access to the Normal, Offroad, Sport and Sport Plus modes directly on the steering wheel, is now standard. The new toggle button for selecting functions and designs in the instrument cluster is also located directly on the steering wheel, as is the operation of the optional head-up display.

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 3

The new climate control panel on the center console has a particularly high-quality look and feel with its glass surface in a black-panel design. Climate settings can be made quickly and intuitively on the clearly arranged control panel. The combination of touch recognition and haptic feedback with mechanical climate rockers and a physical volume control ensures functionality that is both haptically and aesthetically appealing.

The high-resolution 12,3-inch central display is the command center of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). As usual, the driver finds numerous driving and comfort functions to be operated here, as well as the standard online navigation and multimedia functions. The optionally integrated 10,9-inch passenger display is completely new in the Porsche Cayenne. The front passenger can use the additional touchscreen to make things easier for the driver, for example by operating the navigation system or selecting a media service. A special film ensures that the display cannot be seen from the driver's seat. This allows video content to be streamed on the passenger display, even while driving.

Sporty, luxurious ambience

The Porsche Cayenne is the sports car in its segment – ​​and this claim is also reflected in the interior. Here, a sporty ambience is combined with dynamic functionality, luxurious comfort and typical design features of the Cayenne. In the new Cayenne, Porsche presents the new operating concept in a clean design that emphasizes width. The entire dashboard, the center console and the upper part of the inside of the doors have been completely redesigned. The increased horizontal emphasis on the dashboard makes the interior appear even wider. The elegantly designed air vents are aligned vertically, as is typical for the Cayenne. For the first time, Porsche has designed all air vents in the cockpit without fins.

Extensively enhanced connectivity

Porsche has the new Cayenne connectivity further improved. A cooled shelf with inductive charging function is available as standard for the smartphone. The cooling allows an optimized charging power of up to 15 watts. Expanded integration of online services opens up new possibilities for interaction, such as using the Siri language assistant to operate vehicle functions. Also new are two USB-C ports in the front storage compartment and two more USB-C ports in the rear area of ​​the center console.

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 1

All USB ports offer a quick charge function. The front ones also connect the smartphone to the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). To connect the smartphone to the vehicle, you only have to scan the QR code displayed in the PCM with your smartphone. Numerous Connect functions are then available, including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® as well as deeply integrated apps such as Spotify® and Apple Music®. With the new In-Car Video function, videos via the streaming provider Screenhits TV® can be viewed directly in the PCM – both when the vehicle is stationary on the central display and while driving on the front passenger display. Photo credit: Porsche

Porsche Driver Experience 2023 Cayenne 2

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