Mid-engine 911 with 1.400 hp: the Porsche Hoonipigasus!

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Ken Block mid-engine 911 Porsche Hoonipigasus Tuning 2022 Pikes Peak 7

It was quite a surprise that Ken Block left after eleven years separated from the manufacturer Ford and a contract with Audi Castle. And with that S1 "Hoonitron" as well as a heavily tuned one e-tron RS GT they also went straight to the full and presented the first two vehicles. But the craziest example so far is only coming now. And it's not an Audi. Instead, one has used elsewhere in the Volkswagen Group. Namely on the shelf of Porsche. However, not in the form of a current 992 or the Taycan, no, Ken Block relies on one Homemade XNUMX. However, the latest vehicle creation was not built in Zuffenhausen, but the one-off with a mid-engine and based on the legendary 911 RSR (type 964) was created by a well-known Porsche tuner on their own. Curtain up on a completely insane racing car called "Hoonipigasus“ (Mixture of Hoonigan & Pegasus).

Porsche Hoonipigasus

The extreme racer impresses with a special Painting, which pays homage to the 917/20 "Rosa Sau" from 1971 and comes from the artist Trouble Andrew, aka Guccighost. But the most important thing is behind Ken Block. We're talking about the heart of the wild creation. That is a 4,0-liter six-cylinder engine with biturbo charging, the crazy one 1.400 PS performs. And they come by means of all wheel drive on both axes and also encounter only round 1.000 kg empty weight, Our Power to weight calculator certifies the brutal penalty with a performance of 0,98 kW per kilogram. Some super athletes from the motorcycle sector look more than old. And who is responsible for the vehicle? The team of BBi Autosport! And they have specialized in the Porsche brand for over 15 years. So you know exactly what you're doing. Among other things, a height-adjustable one was installed in the classic suspension, which uses GPS coordinates based on last year's Pikes Peak telemetry. In addition, there was Central locking wheels and Performance sports brake system. And why? Because the Hoonipigasus is set to take part in the June 26th “Race to the Clouds” with Ken Block at the wheel. There, the hardcore coupé is to climb the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado with the best time.

extremely wide body kit with lots of wings

Ken Block mid-engine 911 Porsche Hoonipigasus Tuning 2022 Pikes Peak 11

Concrete further information about the vehicle is missing so far. So we have to be content with the pictures. For use on the mountain, they show extremely fat components in addition to the components already mentioned Wheel arches, one XXL front spoiler and one on the stern wing on particularly high stilts. Below is a powerful one diffuser and huge Trim on the flanks complete the downforce concept of the "Hoonipigasus". One rear apron meanwhile missing. This year, the PPIHC will be held over the known distance of 12,42 miles (19,99 km) and 156 turns with an elevation gain of 4.725 feet (1.440 meters) to 100 times instead of. The Hoonipigasus will compete in the PPO class (Pikes Peak Open). And it's not Block's first appearance at Pikes Peak. Already in his first year in racing (2005) he started with a 200 hp Group N rally car. We are excited! If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Porsche Hoonipigasus presented as a mid-engine 911 with crazy 1.400 hp!
Photo credit: Hoonigan Racing Division /Daniel Golson/CNET
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