Elektromod Porsche "quintessenza RS" by Voitures Extravert!

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Voitures Extravert is a Dutch company specializing in restored Porsche classics. And one of your projects is a completely restored Porsche Carrera as "quintessence RS“ (essence 700) with iconic Ducktail spoiler. In the course of the conversion, the oldi becomes a fully electric tribute to the Porsche Carrera RS repurposed. Then no petrol engine works in the rear, but from a 227 kW / PS 308 strong electric powertrain with a torque of enormous 700 NM. This makes the conversion around 20% more powerful than the company's normal Quintessenza model. Then Voitures Extravert has also been building the “normal” since 2019 Quintessenza SE. Incidentally, behind the idiosyncratic name there is always a Porsche 911 hidden Electric drive.

Porsche "quintessence RS"

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And it will be converted into perhaps the most beautiful electric car ever. 'Cause it's a 911 G model from the 80s. Each vehicle is extensively restored by Voitures Extravert and then converted to the mentioned electric drive in about four months of work. According to the manufacturer, the Quintessenza SE is good 400 kilometers range from its 58-kilowatt-hour battery, we don't yet know the battery capacity of the "RS". For that we know that amenities like a Heated seats, a Power Steering, a Air conditioning, Wifi, Bluetooth and an USB port are directly on board. And not only that. Also the complete landing gear is modernized by Voitures Extravert and with a electronic magnet control equipped so that the driving behavior matches the increased performance. And you can even adjust it conveniently from the Interior out. There is also a large one for this sports brake system for a reasonable delay.

But you should budget for 300.000 euros

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If you want to treat yourself to such an electrified example, you can also choose from the original colors and  interior designs, which were offered by Porsche at the time, but must loosely order them 300.000 Euros plan on. The E-Elfer can then also be plugged into the home socket getting charged and at a charging station with quick charging function is a range of 100 kilometers in just about 15 minutes achieved. Deliveries for the Quintessenza SE started in winter 2019/2020 and, according to the website, the “quintessenza RS” will be delivered to customers from the first quarter of 2023. However, orders can already be placed online. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Elektromod Porsche "quintessenza RS" by Voitures Extravert!
Photo credit: Voitures Extravert

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