Porsche Taycan from Mansory with body kit and 22 inchers!

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MANSORY Porsche Taycan 05 Porsche Taycan from Mansory with body kit and 22 inchers!

When Porsche presented its first electric sports car to the world at the beginning of September 2019, the traditional sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen not only opened a new chapter in the company's history, but also heralded a complete reorientation of the company. The four-door Porsche Taycan as a battery-electric sports car was initially offered in the 4S, Turbo and Turbo S versions in conjunction with all-wheel drive. In the meantime, the basic Taycan is also available as another version that is currently only available with rear-wheel drive. The Taycan's power spectrum ranges from 408 to 761 hp (each with Launch Control) and provides impressive torque values ​​of 345 to 1.050 Nm. After almost 2020 units of the Taycan were produced in 30.000 and thus quickly became an integral part of Porsche's product portfolio, it was a logical step for MANSORY, in addition to the customization programs already offered for all other series of Porsche to launch a complete customization program for the Taycan too. As is known, this includes the focus on design, wheels and interior.

Mansory Porsche Taycan design

The sporty, elegant and at the same time dynamic and powerful appearance of the Taycan is accentuated all around and in detail in its design language thanks to numerous add-on parts made of "Forged Carbon" (other carbon design variants from the entire MANSORY carbon collection are also available on customer request) sharpened.

The noble and very light material is therefore used on the front air inlets, below and on the side of the front apron, in the area of ​​the headlights, on the sills, on the exterior mirrors, as an additional side strip on the front doors and the tailgate. The bonnet is made entirely of carbon. The rear apron is also made entirely from "Forged Carbon". This is also available in two different versions of the Taycan: with and without an integrated third brake light in the middle of the diffuser.

Mansory Porsche Taycan rims

MANSORY Porsche Taycan 09 Porsche Taycan from Mansory with body kit and 22 inchers!

As a conversion option in the “Wheels” area, “Y.5” type light metal rims in the dimensions 10 x 22 (front) and 11,5 x 22 (rear) are used. These are tires with the corresponding sizes 265/30/22 and 305/25/22. The one-piece “Y.5” cast wheels chosen for the Taycan combine sportiness and elegance at the same time. Narrow spokes also enable optimal dissipation of the frictional heat generated by the brakes and further emphasize the dynamics of the wheel-tire combination. Just like the rims themselves, the brake calipers of the high-performance brake system (regardless of whether standard, PSCB or PCCB) can be individually painted in all colors at the customer's request. Alternatively, the “Y.5” type rims are also available with a diamond-polished rock surface, which underlines the Taycan's elegant appearance in combination with this type of rim.

Mansory Porsche Taycan interior

As is usual with every MANSORY customization program, the interior is also given special importance and a high level of attention. So - depending on the customer's wishes - the entire interior is completely new and covered with the finest leather on all conceivable components. In addition, all seams can be changed in individual colors, such as the exterior paintwork. Various carbon inlays, a leather-carbon sports steering wheel, floor mats and aluminum pedals - all with subtle MANSORY logos - complete the refinement of the interior and set additional visual accents.

Since the beginning of June, MANSORY has been offering a completely newly developed customization program for all power and drive variants of the fully electric Porsche Taycan, which includes three different focus points:

  • Design - body applications in carbon
  • Wheels - new wheel-tire combination
  • Interior - complete refinement of the interior

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MANSORY presents its customization program for the Porsche Taycan
Photo credit: Mansory design

MANSORY Porsche Taycan 02 Porsche Taycan from Mansory with body kit and 22 inchers!

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