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Prior-Design de-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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Prior Design de-escalation set BMW M3 M4 G80 G82 Widebody Tuning 2 Prior Design de-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

Usually the German tuner takes care of it Prior Design with its body kits for an even more aggressive design that unmistakably has nothing to do with the series. But in the case of the brand new BMW M3 G80 and the technically identical M4 G82, that could change now. Here, the look could not be radicalized even further to look even more special. Instead, Prior Design is planning to "normalize". According to a first virtual preview of the Prior Design tuning kit, the striking approach of M GmbH with the giant kidneys could be a "ordinary-BMW-front“With significantly smaller kidneys give way. So the tuner, which is actually known for very extroverted widebody conversions, is planning De-escalation kit for the M3 / M4! The company shows us how this could be implemented in the video below, from which our screenshots are also taken. The film also addresses the considerations of Prior Design boss Andreas Belzek, who sees the chic look of the BMW M8 as a template for the much more pleasing front.

De-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4

In the virtual rendering, the front apron is essentially only changed at the headquarters and the side skirts and the rear are completely excluded from a redesign. And as expected, the video from Prior Design also shows a preview of a possible widebody kit. Typically, of course, with significantly wider fenders as we have already seen on countless Prior-Design vehicles. However, whether the designs will become reality and the kit will really come onto the market will depend in particular on the reactions of the tuning community. So you can be curious. We'd think it would be good if the body kit were available with two different front aprons. Once with the large version of the kidneys and once with the small one. So you don't exclude a parliamentary group. If we receive the first information from Prior-Design, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Photos: Prior Design

Prior Design de-escalation set BMW M3 M4 G80 G82 Widebody Tuning 6 Prior Design de-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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Prior Design Widebody Porsche Taycan Bodykit Tuning 4 310x165 Prior Design De-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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Audi Coupe Widebody Aero Kit LIMITED Prior Design B3 Tuning 10 310x165 Prior Design De-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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Prior Design PD Widebody Kit Ford Ranger Pickup Tuning 9 310x165 Prior Design De-escalation Kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

Prior-Design de-escalation set for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Prior Design de-escalation kit for BMW M3 / M4 (G80 / G82)

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