Tuesday 26th October 2021


The Qoros Auto Co. ltd. is a Chinese automobile company based in Shanghai. The company was founded as a business cooperation between "Chery Automobile" and "Israel Corporation" 2007. The Chinese carmaker operates locations in Shanghai and Changshu, with a planned maximum of about 450.000 vehicles per year - in fact, the company does not approach this capacity (2014, according to its own release, was 3.476 vehicles and thus more than a flop). Qoros sells three models, the Qoros 3, which was developed by the Austrian automobile manufacturer "Magna Steyr" and the further development of Qoros 5. Among other things, there are several variants of both vehicles and will not, at least for the time being, be exported to Europe. For this reason, it is not too relevant for the German tuning scene at the moment to waste thoughts about a vehicle tuning. Potential exists in any case due to the performance and also the appearance of the models. And according to their own statement, they are already planning meticulously as soon as possible in the export to Europe.