Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender by Tecniq!

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Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender Tecniq Tuning 1

We have once again discovered a completely revised Land Rover Defender. And the vehicle is even inspired by the legendary twin-engine transport helicopter with a tandem rotor arrangement, the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, inspired, who celebrated his fortieth year of active service in 2021. Curtain up for theTecniq Q40 Defender“, which in September for Goodwood Festival of Speed being auctioned off to raise money for the Royal Air Forces Association. And into that restomodding a lot of engineering work has gone into it. The most complex change is certainly the installation of the 2,3 liter turbo engine from Ford (EcoBoost) from the four-cylinder Mustang. The engine was given different software and is now performing 307 PS & 432 Nm torque instead of the standard 290 horses.

Tecniq Q40 Defender

Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender Tecniq Tuning 3

The engine is coupled to an improved one Six-speed automatic and also a completely new one Running gear with active dampers, improved stabilizers and a new one braking system are on board. By the way, all these components got into the Defender due to the Classic Racing division of the British company TECNIQ. British specialist Tecniq also worked with 18(B) Squadron at RAF Odiham - the home of the Chinook - together and painted the Defender appropriately in glossy and matt Dark green, to match the camouflage of the Boeing-Vertol CH-47. Next gives a lot carbon fiber - such as the radiator grille -on the Land Rover, which is less compatible with the Chinook. Also new are the fender flares, the fender with air vents or the massive ones treads. And inside? It's generally much more elegant and luxurious than in a helicopter.

Carbon racing seats in the Defender

Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender Tecniq Tuning 4

For example, ultra-light ones are installed Carbon racing seats in contrasting black and white with hand-stitched Bridge of Wier leather, there is lambskin inlays and even one Refrigerator for drinks. Also a new one Steering wheel, Roll bar, a quilted one headliner and a redesigned one center console are installed. The modern look is combined with a real one Chinook webbing, which is used to separate the cargo area from the rear seats. The bright red nylon net is also inspired by the Chinook's cargo net. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender Tecniq Tuning 5

more details about the changes to the Defender:

  • Name: "Q40 Defender by TECNIQ"
  • completely redesigned and remodeled
  • Heli design elements for both interior and exterior
  • hand-lacquered in glossy and matte shades of dark green
  • Carbon fiber for the grille, wheel arch extensions, air intakes on the hood and fenders
  • bespoke anodized aluminum door handles trimmed with hand-stitched marine leather
  • graphic representation of the twin rotor design on the rear of the vehicle (matte finish)
  • 2+2 seating configuration with two zones
  • Carbon fiber racing seats with hand-stitched Bridge of Wier leather and sheepskin inserts
  • quilted headliner, redesigned steering wheel, reconfigured – ergonomically optimized instrument cluster, center console with military design, new gear selector
  • tailor-made center console with two individual rear seats
  • Luggage compartment separated by webbing
  • Upgrade to LED lighting throughout the vehicle
  • Mustang Ford EcoBoost 2,3 liter turbo engine with new ECU (307 hp & 432 Nm torque)
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Chassis newly developed by TECNIQ's Classic Racing department
  • new chassis with programmable dampers, improved anti-roll bars and bushings and lowered coil springs

Restomod Q40 Land Rover Defender Tecniq Tuning 2

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Q40 Land Rover Defender by Tecniq
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