Tuesday 19th October 2021

RUF automobiles

The German automobile manufacturer RUF is located in Pfaffenhausen and was founded under the name "AUTO-Ruf" by 1939. The company is still family owned and focused on tuning and refining Porsche-Models specialized, but also develops own vehicles. The RUF projects are developed and assembled in our own workshop, but always on the basis of an existing body shell from Porsche (apart from three of our own creations). RUF is a regular guest at the Geneva Motor Show and presented the first electrically powered sports car from Germany - the eRuf (based on the Porsche 997) with a proud 367 hp. In the area of ​​vehicle tuning and in-house development, RUF has been able to launch three models on the market - the CTR 2017, CTR 3 Clubsport and CTR 3. Older models from RUF and all Porsche models are upgraded in our own workshop, or at the customer's request completely changed. The two-seater TurboFlorio has been available since 2015, a sports car with 630 hp and sunroof. There is more about the company ruf-automobile.de.