Radical sportscars

Radical is a car manufacturer based in Peterborough, England. The company was founded 1997 and has now become a professional and recognized sports car brand. According to own data already over 2.000 vehicles were developed and manufactured. Radical currently offers three models of sports cars. The Radical SR3 is a super-light racing car, and at the same time the most successful, oldest model in the company. The SR3 can be seen at the international Autosportveranstaltung "Race of Champions", which has been held since 2004 and was known by a variety of victories of Michael Schumacher in Germany. There is a street legal version (SR3 SL) which can be further improved in optics and performance in vehicle tuning. The successor (SR8) has been improved in appearance and performance. The latest model is the Radical RXC, which also exists as SL (Street Legal) variant. Tuning fans do not have to hone their performance as all three models have enough power, but paint and other trifles are quite changeable.

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