New cooperation: Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar!

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Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar New cooperation: Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar!

Renault will in future offer its customers the option of subscribing to a Renault model easily and flexibly at a fixed monthly rate. The new Renault subscription is created in cooperation with the provider ViveLaCar. Customers can take out their car subscription on the platform The Renault offer is made in close cooperation with the Renault dealer network and Renault Bank and will be available from May.

Renault car subscription

Lars Bialkowski, Director of Sales, and Ralf Benecke, Director of Marketing, explain the brand's new subscription offer: "With the future Renault subscription model, we are sending a strong signal in the face of changing mobility needs and are broadening our range on the German automotive market. Customers get another attractive opportunity to be mobile with a Renault vehicle. At the same time, we are expanding our brand profile and enabling Renault partners to address a new target group. We are convinced of this solution, as this platform enables complete integration of the retail sector and will be launched together with the retailers."

Auto Abo from Renault and Vivelacar 2 New cooperation: Auto Abo from Renault and Vivelacar!

The new Renault subscription will in future offer customers the opportunity to use their preferred Renault model quickly, easily and flexibly for a monthly all-inclusive rate (excluding refueling / charging). The subscription rates differ depending on the model and kilometer package. Thus subscribers have full cost control. Booking is easy and digital. At the same time, personal advice and service at the dealer are an integral part. A large selection of immediately available cars and light commercial vehicles is planned. Six different kilometer packages from 200 to 2.500 kilometers are to be offered, these can be changed monthly free of charge. There is no entry fee. The contract can be terminated by the subscriber at any time with a three-month notice period.


The Renault Abo is an online platform on which participating Renault dealerships offer their Renault vehicles. Renault vehicles that are immediately available are offered, such as demonstration cars, daily registrations or new cars that are a maximum of 12 months old since first registration and have a maximum mileage of 20.000 kilometers. Customers conclude the subscription contract online with ViveLaCar. The Renault dealer then arranges an appointment for the vehicle to be handed over.

Auto Abo from Renault and Vivelacar 3 New cooperation: Auto Abo from Renault and Vivelacar!

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Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar New cooperation: Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar!

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