Saturday 23rd October 2021

Video: Renault Dauphine widebody with VR6 engine!

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Renault Dauphine widebody with VR6 engine 1 Video: Renault Dauphine widebody with VR6 engine!

An old one Renault Dauphine in a fat one Widebody monster To transform, of course, requires a lot of changes. And that a 26,5, 33 or 36 hp engine does not fit, that is also clear. So must go to Wide body kit another VR6 engine be installed. And such a (unique) vehicle is now on the YouTube channel of AutotopiaLA to see. A unique example that sounds like a super sports car, but optically looks more like a rally vehicle. The basis for the conversion was a scrap-ready Renault Dauphine with tons of rust and holes. But the owner Justin had the vision of building a unique vehicle with a VR6 engine.

Widebody kit and VR6 engine!

And so he created his own Chassis, a self-developed one tubular frame below that came the Body of the Dauphine. There is also a 2,8 liter VR6 engine on the VW Golf (MK4) VR6 / VW Passat (B3) / VW Corrado including 6-speed manual transmission from a MK4 Golf GTI and also one Limited slip differential is built in. All work was done by just one person (Justin), which makes the whole project even more incredible. No matter whether it is the successful one Patina look the body, the Homemade aprons or the cool one roof rack are, the vehicle ("La Brute") is an absolute eye-catcher. And then there is the unique soundscape of the VR6. Have fun with the video!


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