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Half the downtime: car sharing Zity by Mobilize!

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CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 1 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

In large cities in particular, in addition to owning a vehicle, car sharing is an interesting alternative to individual mobility for many people. The main criterion for her when choosing a vehicle is flexibility. What is crucial is a clean, flawless vehicle in the immediate vicinity that is directly available. A comprehensive service is expected, in which one only pays a price agreed in advance for direct use. This is exactly what MOBILIZE, the mobility brand of the Renault Group, is developing with the car sharing service ZITY by MOBILIZE, which comprises 500 electric vehicles (Renault ZOE and Dacia Spring) in Paris alone.

Car sharing Zity by Mobilize

Ten minutes' walk: this is the maximum time a car sharing user would like to cover to get to their vehicle. It is crucial for a car sharing service provider like Zity by Mobilize to reduce the downtime of electric vehicles to a minimum - including charging, cleaning, maintenance and repair. Because if the repair costs increase, the vehicles are too slow and do not offer sufficient range, fleet management can quickly turn into negative business. As in many industries, the same applies here: time is money.

CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 3 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

"Downtimes for the maintenance and repairs of car sharing vehicles are a cost factor that can quickly increase exponentially if it is not constantly monitored." Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President Mobilize

Pioneering test run at the traditional location in Flins

In response to these requirements, Mobilize, in collaboration with Zity by Mobilize, started a test run at the Renault Group Re-Factory in Flins. In order to reduce the downtime of the vehicles, a small, committed team has tackled an important project: to prove that the car sharing vehicles can benefit from significantly shorter throughput times with regular, thorough maintenance. Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President Mobilize, and Alexandra Caubet, General Manager of the Renault-launched e-car sharing service Zity France, explain the reasons for this service offer, which is aimed specifically at fleet operators and was implemented at Renault's traditional Flins location.

CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 5 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

Renault has been making models at the plant for around 70 years, and with the ZOE, the production facility already has a wealth of experience with electric vehicles. With the change to the Re-Factory, a new era begins, because as Europe's leading location for recycling management, Flins specializes entirely in new mobility solutions. One of the four pillars of the transformation process is the Re-Trofit department, which deals with extending the service life of vehicles and researching new uses for them. On an area of ​​around 8.500 square meters, the “Factory VO” section for the reconditioning of used cars will in future also accept vehicles from fleet operators. The teams are already testing the Car-Sharing vehicles from Zity by Mobilize in a realistic test run. The entire range of maintenance processes is assessed: The vehicles go through all stations from basic cleaning to re-approval, including all diagnoses, repairs, spare parts orders and driving tests.

"For a car sharing service like Mobilize's Zity to be effective, a number of measures are required to ensure that vehicles are serviced, cleaned and recharged within ten minutes of customer handover." Alexandra Caubet, General Manager Zity France


In order to guarantee a high quality service, specialists take care of maintenance, paint repairs, charging and cleaning of the vehicles. To do this, they can fall back on a well-stocked spare parts warehouse, which also saves time.

CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 2 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

Through the collaboration with the Flins Re-Factory, Zity by Mobilize has halved the downtime of the vehicles and reduced it to a maximum of seven days. During the test phase, the teams currently check up to five vehicles per week. The long-term goal is to check 40 vehicles per month, which corresponds to a 500-vehicle fleet like that of the Zity by Mobilize fleet in Paris.


After Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt and Clichy, Zity by Mobilize has expanded its service area to four other cities in the greater Paris area: Issy-les-Moulineaux, Meudon, Sèvres and Vanves. The car sharing fleet consists exclusively of all-electric Renault ZOE and Dacia Spring, all of which can be used for the same price.

CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 4 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

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CARSHARING ZITY BY MOBILIZE 1 Half the downtime: Carsharing Zity by Mobilize!

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