Renault 5 prototype! Is the R5 coming back as an electric car?

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Renault 5 prototype R5 Tuning 8 Renault 5 prototype! Is the R5 coming back as an electric car?

With its “Nouvelle Vague”, in English “New Wave”, Renault wants to set innovative and contemporary standards in the automotive industry. The aim is to strengthen the leadership role in the energy transition through electrical and hydrogen solutions and to offer the greenest drive mix of all manufacturers in Europe by 2025. Renault will launch 14 new models, seven of which are fully electric. There will be an electric or hybrid version of all innovations. The iconic Renault 5 Prototype is an example of the new direction.

Renault 5 prototype

Renault 5 prototype R5 Tuning 4 Renault 5 prototype! Is the R5 coming back as an electric car?

Luca de Meo, CEO Groupe Renault, says: "At Renault, we don't just like to take on the waves of disruption, we create our own wave. It's about bringing the new zeitgeist into the automotive industry. We will develop into a brand that stands for clean energies by strengthening our leadership position in electric vehicles with the 'Electro Pole Project' and investing in hydrogen to achieve the greenest mix in Europe by 2025. We will also be a technology brand, through internal innovations and through the République software, an open ecosystem dedicated to developing European expertise in key areas such as data and cybersecurity. This will give us a competitive advantage as a service brand, with high tech services, onboard and offboard. We are anchoring this vision of modernity in France. Because as a brand we know that our soul and our strength lie in our origins. The new electric Renault 5 Prototype embodies the Nouvelle Vague: On the one hand, the R5 is closely linked to the history of Renault, but at the same time stands for the future of the brand and will make electric cars popular."

inspired by the past

The soul of a brand lies in its roots. The Renault 5 Prototype is therefore inspired by the past, but is clearly oriented towards the future. The study with the reinterpreted, iconic R5 design shows how Renault will democratize the electric car in Europe with a contemporary approach as indispensable and desirable. The Renault developers have put a smart city car on the wheels, which combines the iconic R5 design with a purely electric drive. So the icon drives emission-free into the future while preserving the fun factor and the carefree character of its ancestors.

concise features of the original design

The Renault 5 Prototype takes up the concise features of the original design, but carries them into our time with smooth surfaces and futuristic details. Practical: The flap for connecting the charging cable is now hidden where the sporty air inlet used to be on the bonnet. The front section, the textile roof and the tricolor on the exterior mirror housings exude French charm. Surfaces and materials are inspired by the world of electronics, furniture design and sports. "The design of the Renault 5 Prototype is based on the R5, a real Renault cult model. This study simply embodies modernity, a vehicle that corresponds to its time: urban, electric, attractive.”Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director.

Renault 5 prototype R5 Tuning 5 Renault 5 prototype! Is the R5 coming back as an electric car?

In the technology area, Renault will in future rely on the so-called "Software République" - an open, cooperative ecosystem that deals with software, data, cybersecurity and microelectronics. This will enrich Renault’s range of connected services. In addition, Renault will optimize the product portfolio in favor of the C-segment. Seven of the 14 new models will be in the C / D segment. The goal for 2025: Renault wants to sell 45 percent of the sales share in the upper segments and at the same time consolidate its leadership in the B segment.

Renault 5 prototype R5 Tuning 10 Renault 5 prototype! Is the R5 coming back as an electric car?

Photos: Renault

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Renault 5 prototype 2021

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