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Tuning classic: Renntech SL74 Mercedes-Benz (R 129)

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Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz R 129 2 Tuning classic: Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz (R 129)

Who just got a German V12 with a decent Power looking for who should get this beautiful Mercedes-Benz Renntech SL74 from 1993 take a closer look. He's just going to bring a trailer to the Sales offered. Renntech has established itself as one of the most respected Mercedes tuners in the industry since the nineties and that SL74 package for the R129 SL 600 made a significant contribution to this. The modifications by Renntech always remained true to the old Mercedes nomenclature standards. The mighty 6,0-liter V12 became even more powerful and up 7,4 liter enlarged. In addition, the engine was among other things with new ones Titanium connecting rods, cooling system, valves, Moldex crankshaft as well as polished cylinder heads fitted. Also a new one exhaust system is part of tuning. As a result, the engine power was on from 575 HP and 791 NM torque raised. Even today these are impressive numbers! And even then the cost of one was Renntech 'SL74' package with 78.180 US Dollars pretty huge. According to the current calculation, that corresponds well 130.000 US Dollars.

Renntech SL74 Mercedes-Benz (R 129)

Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz R 129 13 Tuning classic: Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz (R 129)

The monstrous engine hangs on one improved and specially cooled four-speed automatic and the landing gear was 1 inch (2,54 cm) Lowering springs on the front axle and stronger stabilizers fore and behind (sway bars) optimized. There was also a special one Limited slip differential on the rear axle and an 18-inch one OZ Future 3 wheelset (8,5 × 18/10 × 18) with polished beds and lacquered stars with 245/40 ZR18 and 285/35 ZR18 slippers. They allow a look at the improved brake system with 14 inch (approx. 36 cm) large and slotted brake discs including Alcon brake calipers front. Back are against it 12 inch (approx. 30 cm) slices installed. The rest of the vehicle largely corresponds to the series. In terms of software, only the Drive slip control customized and done. The 600SL xenon headlights are only noticed by the absolute connoisseur. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz R 129 15 Tuning classic: Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz (R 129)

Photos: RENNtech

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Mercedes SL 600 Renntech SL 74 Tuning R129 AMG 16 310x165 Tuning Classic: Renntech SL74 Mercedes Benz (R 129)

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Renntech SL74 Mercedes-Benz (R 129)

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