Restomod Land Rover with V8 and ZF 8-speed automatic!

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Kingsley Restomod Land Rover V8 ZF 8-speed automatic tuning 13 Restomod Land Rover with V8 and ZF 8-speed automatic!

More and more cities, states and municipalities are starting to ban old vehicles and making various areas a restricted zone. But a Land Rover specialist from England has taken on this problem and found a way out of the old SUVs less harmful to the environment close. This means that such a vehicle can continue to drive into the restricted areas. Specifically, it's the team from Kingsley Cars, and they are known for their Land Rover conversion kits in the UK. Because the company has already hundert vehicles restored and converted. The family business based near Eynsham in Oxfordshire is one of the leading specialists in the Restoration and remodeling classic Range Rover vehicles. But how is such an old car converted? Naturally CAN'T by means of an electric motor. Something else is hardly conceivable at the moment, but Kingsley Cars does it with a V8. 

Restomod Land Rover with V8

In the past two decades, Kingsley Cars has built more than 400 vehicles and the latest creation is the old Land Rover Range Rover Classic (first series), which was launched in 1969. It was a particularly long-sold series on the British market and was produced in various versions until 1996 with constantly new upgrades. With regard to the engine, the gearbox and the infotainment, "the old one" remained essentially unchanged.

And this is exactly where Kingsley Cars comes in and begins the conversion with the classic down to the bare sheet metal dismantle. The body and the chassis become complete derusted and treated and from then on the way to Restomod. The custom car manufacturer installs one at the front 6-piston brake system (Big-Brake-Kit) and there is a system with at the rear 4-piston brake calipers instead of the old drums. After that this is Gear your turn. It is through a modern 8-speed ZF transmission replaced and the highlight is of course under the hood. Because the old carburettor engine is being removed and replaced with a much more modern 220 hp engine 4,0 liter V8 with fuel injection.

new gearbox and a new engine

And if that's not enough, you can even have one optionally 4,6-liter with 273 hp (270 hp) order. Equipped in this way, the old Range Rover can return to the environmental zones in London. However, it is less about driving bans, but much more about driving pleasure, then you can even get one from Kingsley LS3-V8 swap have it carried out. There is always a new one landing gear in combination with improved stabilizers and I baked the Transfer Case from Borg-Warner is also new. And inside?

Kingsley Restomod Land Rover V8 ZF 8-speed automatic tuning 7 Restomod Land Rover with V8 and ZF 8-speed automatic!

There is also a lot going on there. That Interior comes complete with according to customer requirements Tweed or nappa leather equipped and the Rear seats are even with Armrests and headrests equipped. In addition, the Kinglsey version has one as standard Heated seats at the front. And the acoustics improves not only under the hood, but also because of a new one Sound system. There is a 700 watt system with seven loudspeakers and the usual comfort is provided by means of iPhone integration and wireless charging Sich. 

there is also a sound system

Kingsley Restomod Land Rover V8 ZF 8-speed automatic tuning 8 Restomod Land Rover with V8 and ZF 8-speed automatic!

But with the changes mentioned so far, one would still be far from being on the level of a vehicle from the present. It takes more than that. So it goes on with one Automatic climate control, electric windows, LED headlights for the low beam and additional Fog lights. All of this is only visible at second glance. The classic silhouette is completely retained and only the connoisseur can see a difference. Optionally, a Set of aluminum alloy wheels to get voted. Kingsley offers customers to choose either the three- or the five-door version and it doesn't matter whether it's left or right-hand drive. Just the price of at least 125.000 GBP (148.254 euros) should then play one role or another. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Restomod Land Rover with V8 and ZF 8-speed automatic!
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